Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cake and Boogers

Last Saturday, our family celebrated my great niece's first birthday.

Yeah! Happy Birthday Little B

The following is a conversation between Mr.L, Little B's 7 year old brother and my daughter Caitlin, as she observed him picking his nose.

Mr. L with shark tooth

Caitlin : Mr. L, don't eat that!

Mr.L : [lowers hand from mouth]

Caitlin : That's yucky [she steps forward to tickle him]

Mr.L : Umm, better check your foot, you just stepped on it!

Caitlin : [sees it on her sock] Next time I'll let you eat it.


San said...

Did I tell you how much Mr. L likes his shark tooth necklace?

...and WHY do kids like to eat their nasal contents????

Ree said...

Um, ewwwwwwwww. Did Caitlin burn those socks?

lady jaye said...

ewwwwwwwww kids are just wrong. lol

delmer said...

When one of the boys was very little he held his finger out to me. I thought he wanted me to taste something so I licked it.

As it happens, he wanted to show me the booger on the end of the finger.

Mrs. G. said...


John said...

Hehheh. Beautiful kiddos. Um, is Little B checking out a booger too? Sure looks like. : )

Michael said...

LOL...Ewwwww...wish I could have been there :(

Tiff said...

Oh - priceless! I'm framing this and saving it for his graduation party. Sorry Cait, I owe you some socks!

Anonymous said...


Betty said...

Maybe that's not really a shark tooth in the photo. Aughhhh....this brings back a childhood memory which is too gross for me to write about!