Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just Thinking Out Loud

You're driving home in your two-seater sports car.

It's getting dark, the wind is whipping and the rain is falling hard. Almost sleet.

As you stop for the red light, you glance over at three people huddled together, freezing at the bus stop.

There is your best friend looking at you with thanks that you are caught at that light, at that very moment.

The old woman standing next to your friend is fragile and has a look of fear on her face.

The third person, a complete stranger. One look and your heart races. You think, so this is what love at first sight is.

The light turns green. What do you do? You only have one other seat in your car.

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

I'd toss the keys to my best friend and ask her to drive the older woman to her home, then continue on home herself. I'd stand at the bus stop with the stranger and hope that fate wins.


captain corky said...

Very nice! I would be a bit suprised that my best friend was in Louisville and not NJ though. ;)

Mary Alice said...

You're a thinker and a romantic!

sweetisu said...

My answer was the same as yours. I guess I'm a risk taker. And I like hot men - I assumed he was hot ;)

Nancy said...

sweet: yeah, I'll think he was hot too, lol

Casdok said...

Yes i too would join hot man!!

Beth said...

oooo, i love your answer!!! me too.

Sherry said...

I totally love the way you think!!

Audubon Ron said...

NovBlow&Go Renge Kyo
Only ten days left
Not much mo to go

The “Big Duck” checking in.

I'd keep driving, I just the bus in my rear view mirror.

hottdog said...

I'd say: "Screw em all!"

Carrie said...

I love that! I would do the same.

Kimberly said...

I'd keep driving.

Anonymous said...

Are there bus stops in your area? Let me know which one and I will wait for you to come driving by.

Mr B

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I am afraid I would be rather practical and keep driving.

Then have to blog about how mean I had been, how my best friend would not speak to me again and I had missed an opportunity and told everyone to learn by my mistake...

Biddy said...

that's why i drive a jeep :-)