Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rubbing Elbows

Did you ever hang out with anyone famous? Musicians, actors, writers, politicians?

In the 80's my ex-husband was in a band. For the most part, they played locally. There was a hotel bar they were always booked at. The regional manager of this hotel, lived in the area and was always there. He loved the band, so they had an open contract to play there when ever they wanted. I think they played Tues-Sat for six months straight. Always to a packed room, usually having to turn people away at the door. Yes, they were that good.

This hotel was where famous people stayed when they came to the Detroit metro area. Since Bill and I didn't have our kids back then, I was there most every night too. I met many famous people, but the best nights were when we actually partied with them. I found a couple photos to post, but DO NOT MENTION MY HAIR. Good Lawdy, what was I thinking?

Anyway, who have you partied with? Any funny stories?

Mr. T, got a problem with that?

Citizens with Mr T.
My kids dad is 2nd from left.

Citizens with Colin Hay

There were others, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Kenny Loggins, Steven Perry, Debbie Harry (Blondie) to name a few.

Oh yeah, my funny story? This guy was so drunk one night he stumbled into the stained glass wall divider and his "rug" slid off. I kinda smirked, he grabbed it and put it back on as he staggered away.


Sunshine said...

LOVING the hair!
I've never partied with anyone famous. Just met or have a little bit known a few, I did blog about it once but my brushes with fame are few and far between!

Joan said...

I was in a bar in NYC. The crowd was watching the Mets play in the World Series. Telly (Kojak) Savales came in. Several people were getting their pictures taken with him. He asked me if I wanted to take a picture and I said "no, I'm watching the game". I guess that's not partying since I pretty much ignored him.

Nancy said...

Joan: LOL!!! I'd rather watch the game than take a pic with him too ... did he give you a tootsie-pop?

Beth said...

oooh, that Don Baird guy is CUTE!!! And I love your hair!! You still look the same(young) except with better hair!

Patience said...

I saw Queen Elizabeth in person once, but not close enough to have a cool picture taken with her.

But still . . .

Jen M. said...

I've got nothing.

I am not going to comment on your hair, per your request. But I will say that the awesome purple shirt makes the 'do look even more rad.

Nancy said...

Beth: My hair is naturally wavy blech!

Patience: Did she smile?

JenM: Like the way I cuffed the sleeves up on that fine shirt? lol

delmer said...

I partied with an ex-governor of Ohio back when Clinton was elected the first time. There were hundreds of people in the room, so I don't know if that counts. I turned and he was right behind me, I gave him a "hello Governor Celeste" and stuck out my hand. As he shook it his eyes dropped to my Rainbow button that said something like "Gay Democrats for Clinton." (For the record, I'm not gay, NTTAWWT, somebody gave me the button. Sorry about the disclaimer ... I'm a guy and we always feel we have to say things like that.)

I sat at a table next to the Judds back before they were big. At the time I was a country disk jockey and the only one at my table who knew who they were. I really should have gone up and said hello.

Harold Ramis came into a bar I was in in Philly. He had a beer -- we were drinking beer, so that's sort of like partying.

I met Dr. Johnny Fever at a fundraiser.

Oh, and what's his name? The Ragin' Cagin'. Clinton's guy. Married that republican gal whose initials might be MM. I took a picture of him holding one of my screaming infants. He held the child like he was a bomb about to go off.

(Do you think it's fair to ask people not to comment on the hair?)

Nancy said...

Delmer: You've had some fun times .. Dr J. Fever! Whoot!

Hair? What hair?

Jami said...

My sister and her husband are show biz folks, so I've had a chance to hang with some of the big names by hanging out with them. But I can't mention any names because I was sworn to secrecy. Really.

Oh, but I can tell you that Michael Learned (Mom-boy in the "Waltons") once hit me in the head with her purse in the LA airport. It was an accident cuz I was bent over getting something out of my bag and she was very apologetic, but she WAS famous. Oh, and I flew to LA once with Don Most (Ralph Malph in "Happy Days") sitting across the aisle from me. He probably doesn't remember me, though, because he was really, really drunk.

Jami said...

Notice that I said absolutely NOTHING about the hair. I'm good like that. Sometimes.

San said...

Good Times. What I remember anyway.

Michael said...

I still have the autograph you had Mr. T sign for me.

Tiff said...

OK - for the sake of posterity, here's my 'rubbin' elbows' list, most all of whom I met when they were touring in a Broadway production presented by my former place of work:

Petula Clark
David Cassidy
Carol Channing
Jerry Lewis
Mickey Rooney
Robert Goulet
Ralph Macchio
John Davidson
Eddie Murphy (met backstage at SNL)
and OH MY GOD HE's SO CUTE John Schneider aka Bo Duke.

Nancy said...

Tiff: and how can you forget your elementary through high school pal KID ROCK!

Nancy said...

Oh jeez, that reminds me .... how can I forget that Madonna came into the bank I worked at many times when she was in 11-12th grade. She came in when she was home from UofM ... and just before she split to go to NY. Then I was always waiting on her dad and step-mom and getting updates of her adventures in NY before she was famous.

See Pat, in the last pic, in the band... far left ... Madonna's step-mom ran a day care out of her house and I told Pat when he was looking for a babysitter for his kid. I called her and she began watching his daughter.

Mary Alice said...

Well, no rock stars...but I have met Hillary Clinton, Vice President Gore, and had dinner at the Nebraska Governor’s mansion with Gov. and Mrs. Heineman.

Mary Alice said...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot…Military Man was an extra in the movie Pearl Harbor and got to meet Ben Affleck and Cuba Gooding Jr. In fact, he saw Cuba’s ass. In the boxing scene, which Military Man was a part of, Cuba’s shorts fell off - I wonder if that is in a bloopers clip somewhere.

lis said...

Does Johnny Whitaker count, oyee.. So long ago, danced one dance with him. That bout sum's it up, pretty sad, oh did see R. Redford at Sundance once, just a sighting tho. Oh yeah whats her name on the show where her hair glowed when she got to talking 'god' stuff, Roma Downy? Anyway her kid was sick she brought her/him into our 'er', (yr's ago before hippa, no violation here), I went around and handed towels to all my male co-workers they were drooling so bad starring at her!! No her hair didn't glow!!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Well, Colin Hay played in the band Men At Work at the local pub when I was a young gal. They were HOT and he is such a good singer. Can't say I sat with him though. My brush with fame was Boris Becker showing me how to hold a tennis racket. That's it.

Pink said...

Great photos. The fashion is back!

Yes, I've had several famous people moments from my New York days.

But, my lips are sealed.

Sher said...

Steve Perry. I'm so jealous I can't even stand it.