Monday, May 5, 2008

Sisterly Love

Because it shows a real blond moment for a brunette,
I found this hilarious.


Sunshine said...

My good friend Peter was just on an episode of Cash Cab, and even though he is a performer, he said the adrenalin of being on a game show AND knowing you are on TV messes with your head.

But seriously, I don't think he would have overlooked his own brother ten feet away...that is hilarious!

Audubon Ron said...

Well, she was looking at the case.

San said...

The (blond) mother doesn't see her either. Model #21 must be a middle child. =)

Nancy said...

San: middle child, LMAO, ya think?

Pink said...

definately a middle child - jeez - they even look like twins!


Carrie Sue said...

Wow, that was beyond blonde! Maybe the lights were too bright to see past? The blonde mom was shielding her eyes, ya never know. But, you would think you would recognize your own sister!

dkuroiwa said...

yeah yeah yeah...lights were too bright...too much stress and adrenalin...millions of people watching...WHATEVAH!! If she had been blonde, no one would have come up with excuses!!!
I think this is hee-lair-ee-us!!'s your sister for crying out loud!!!
And bless Howie...the man has such patience!! I would have thumped her on the head!!
debbie...a blonde loving it when brunettes have their own "moments"!!!

Betty said...

This could easily have happened in my family- we are spread all over the globe, aren't close, and rarely see each other. But this family appeared to be close- the mother and contestant went nuts when they realized who she was....