Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

The gateway to summer.
Beer's and sports.
The family BB-Q's.
Planting and pruning around our homes.

I wish everyone was home to celebrate,
to remember, and to thank the men and women serving our country.

(Home ~ By Chris Daughtry)


dkuroiwa said...

hey nancy....thanks for the reminder that it actually is a holiday...and a very special one at that. I don't have an "american" calendar so I miss a lot!!
The video is moving...and Chris oh my oh of favorite new singers!!!
have a good weekend!!

John said...

Amen. Have a wonderful holiday weekend. : )

Sherry/Cherie said...

Amen to this my dear. Have a wonderful Memorial Day -- it's not a holiday here in Canada (we had ours last weekend) -- hope the weather is lovely.

Ree said...

Memorial Day in Michigan. Could be 80, could snow. ;-)

Betty said...

Thank you for this reminder. How many of us bother to stop and think of what this weekend is all about? My father is a navy vet. I'm going to call him tomorrow to thank him for his service.

Hugs and Happy Memorial Day,