Friday, May 16, 2008

Houdini ...err, I mean Houdoggy

This is Quinn.

All ten pounds of him.

Quinn has access to the backyard 24/7 via this dog door.

This 8" x 11" opening dog door.
(I know, dog snot on the flap. I'll hose it off tomorrow)

This is Bently.

All 90 pounds of Ben.

Remember, Bryan and Bently moved back home?

When I came home yesterday, Bryan thanked my for letting Bently out into the backyard on my lunch hour.


I never came home during the day.

When Bryan got home from work, Ben was out in the backyard with Quinn.

This morning before I left for work?

I blocked off the dog door. He's bound to get stuck or hurt.
His head is 25" in diameter. I can't imagine how he squeezed through, although the flap over the door doesn't lay right anymore.

It's been three days/nights that he's been here. No damage, no accidents, he's polite and well behaved. I'm hoping Quinn learns some manners from him.

I sense further blog fodder with Bently living here.


Whit said...

The quiet before the storm...

San said...

I'm sure Bentley will provide us with lots of fun(ny) stories!

Beth said...

oh mna,...too bad you can't put a video camera on the doggy door while you're gone and let him try it again! that would be good!!!

Betty said...

Where there's a will, there's a way....I like the video camera idea.


Joan said...

I hope Bently continues with his good manners before he wears out his welcome.