Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Response to One Day, 24 Hours

To experience all five senses in a most unique way, I would be without them.

I'd stroll through a field of wild flowers, wind just slightly blowing, and be able to "smell" the surroundings. The flowers, the small animals, the century old trees, and all without the sense of smell.

To be sitting in a green pasture, as high up a mountain as possible, seeing out into the world. The knowledge of what natural beauty stretched before me. Experiencing the view, without sight.

Diving deep into a tropical green/blue paradise. Feeling the corals, the texture of the sand and shells. The knowledge of warm water all around and yet, not reaching out to touch anything.

I'd sit in the sun, for hours, at a playground. I'd hear the kids laughing, screaming, and calling out to each other. I'd hear the wheels on the skateboard swish by. The squeak of the merry-go-round in motion. I'd hear the bells jingle on the ice cream truck. But, my ears would not hear a sound.

I could end my day curled up in front of a feast of decadent sweets. Mounds of ice cream. Bowls of fruit. And yet, the plates would be empty. My minds eye would have me enjoying every morsel, leaving me feeling full without one bite ever passing through my lips.

Ree's post in reply to this though is very similar to mine in that the freedom to be alone within yourself and simple pleasures.

SugarPlumsMom has an enjoyable day planned out. Nothing extravagant, simple things really can make us women happy.

Kristebella is happy with her beers, bacon, Cubs, a little dancing and all is good. I think the fun desire to make-out with a few cute strangers is exercising her freedom to simply be herself!

Lis? Your answer is very close to mine ... just enjoying this beautiful world in all it's glory!

Captain Corky would be happy fishing and enjoying a few beers. If I know Corky though, some good eats will play a big part of his 24 hours too.

I think Sherry is already looking at life and living each day in a renewed direction, thank God she is now cancer free.

Mary, you have shared a couple of your paintings on your blog ... the nude can be for you and Q, but you really should explore and share more of your amazing artistic talent.

Pink and Cas have something in mind ... and who knows, maybe the opportunity will indeed present itself.

Deb ... well thought out and I'm sure most of those ideas could really happen for you. Well except the Tiger thing, Jimbo is pretty mindset as we are seeing this season *smiles*

I think I'll try to convince Joan to be Thelma to my Louise and do a road trip ala Bossy. I promise though, no cliffs at the end and no shooting people unless it's through your lens.

Candy, let's just say your total honesty has gotten John and probably others minds all aflutter, lol

Even though Ron is content with his ducks, and the new baby ducks, can we all stop by and leave him a comment, he's needing some traffic.

In a quite disciplined yet peaceful day, check out what Nahria would do.

KatyDidNot, you'd have fun and look great on the back of a Harley.

Thanks to all of you for leaving your thoughts.


Sherry/Cherie said...

Your day is bliss....and I think this is a wonderful exercise -- to recognize what has importance, what has value in life. Looking for the joy in the needn't be fancy or expensive. It's there, every day. Thanks for providing this look inside Nancy ♥

Hottdog said...

I like the way you'd end your day. That sounds nice! :o)

Ree said...

What a lovely idea.

John said...

Your "24" certainly has an exquisite Buddha nature about it. Mindful living. Paying attention to our lives every moment through our senses. A more constant presence of this kind of mindfulness is something I'm always aspiring to, and when achieved, always brings about a richer, fuller, life experience even in the mundane. : )

What was going to be my "24" before Candy encouraged such voyeurism - ever watch "Iconoclasts" on Sundance? My favorite is Eddie Vedder/Laird Hamilton. Except instead of Eddie, it would be John hangin' out in Hawaii oar surfing with Laird for a day. WAY. COOL. : )

Candy said...

Are you matchmaking, Marie? Oooh la la.

Pink said...

I'd EAT the sweets...but thats just me ;)

lovely day!