Saturday, May 31, 2008

Scoring Tickets, Old School

You won't see any photos of me on this post.

I was up early. Very early. I brushed my teeth, grabbed my jeans from the night before off the floor, pulled on a T-Shirt and a baseball cap. Then I took off the baseball cap because it was black and had in white satin stitching GLOCK on the front. Not cool where I was going. I grabbed the other black baseball cap. In pink satin stitching it has the logo BARBIE. Dorky, but less controversial.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and was out the door. I left later than I wanted to, so I hopped on the expressway and did 80 all the way to Royal Oak. I was headed to 4th and Lafayette, downtown Royal Oak.

When I was a block away, grrrrr, fun-gwee-li, I noticed the road blocks and police cars. Hu? A marathon being run? How the heck am I going to get across Main Street? I felt like a rat in a maze going up one street and down the other only to keep being met with roadblocks. I went to the Farmers Market and figured I park there and walk.

Saturday? Beautiful sunny day? Downtown Royal Oak? Of course, everyone and their brother was at the market. No frickin' parking spaces. I headed to the police station thinking I'd park and take a ticket, I didn't care. Just as I was about to do that, a space opened up and I grabbed it.

I started my jog over to 4th and Lafayette, only to be met by runners and the orange mesh blocking the ability to cross the street. Too bad, I straddled over (note: I am no longer able to hurdle over) the mesh, jockeyed through the open spaces between runners (careful not to interfere) and made it to the other side.

As I came up to my destination, I saw this.

I rounded the corner and landed about the150th spot down this alley.

It was one and a half hours before they would allow us to get tickets. I did the usual. Chatted with others, scowled at some trying to take cuts, and wondered why I drank coffee on the way down. I had to pee.

The alley curved back around this space between two buildings and then out onto main street.

As the line began to move, I was relieved to know I did it ... I scored 3 tickets to this:

Town Hall Meeting
Barack Obama
This Monday at Troy High School
(less than 10 minutes from my house)

There was a two ticket per person limit. But see that woman up in the last pic with her daughter in the purple top? She gave me one of hers because her kids go to Troy High School and they won't need tickets. Thank you Gloria!

I haven't had to actually stand in line in anticipation for tickets since my high school years. Figures, that's just where I will be Monday, at high school!

Oh yeah, as I was walking back to my car, these people ... lined up about 3/4 mile back now ... I didn't have the heart to tell them there are only 1,000 tickets, 2 per person, if your not one of the first 500, you should have slept in.

Without getting on my soapbox politically, I will just say this election is going to change the future direction of America. This is a historical election and just getting to go to a Town Hall Meeting is going to be awesome. If I could get tickets for Clinton, or McCain, I'd go to their's too.

Just so happened Obama is coming to my 'hood.


Mary Alice said...

How exciting..I would love to attend an Obama meeting. I expect you will blog all about it.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I am more than a little jealous! Have a great time and you MUST blog about it.

I bought a sweatshirt and baseball cap off the Obama website, it's tax deductible and supports his campaign it case you are interested, check it out on his web site.

Ree said...

You, of course, must blog about it. And I have to admit, my heart crunched just a little at the mention of 4th and Lafayette. Stomping grounds...I miss Royal Oak sometimes.

dkuroiwa said...

Now THAT was a great reason to get up early and get going in the morning!!! Waiting for the blog post when it's all said and done!!
(remember to wear something nice, just in case your're spotted by the media!!!)

There are a couple of towns over here that are tapping into the election "fury"....the towns' names? OBAMA !! Some of the towns are selling t-shirts that say "I {heart} OBAMA", with a Barack impression on it!!! I've tried to get a couple, but they a pretty hard to come by!!!

Carrie Sue said...

omg that is going to be amazing. I tip my hat to you for getting up so early, dressing like a rock star and standing in line to get tickets! You're my hero.

John said...

You get the Good Citizen Gold Star of the Day. : )

Mrs. G. said...

Just count on being inspired and covered in goose bumps.

Audubon Ron said...

Fairly controversial for you guys considering they split your delegates 50/50. Not sure why Michigan jumped the gun. I wonder if anti-Clinton people jumped the gun from the onset to mess up her chances or if it was some other political motivation. In time we will learn the truth and I predict this will come back and smudge the election of the firstly elected Hawaiian President.

My wife wants a Glock 9mm with a suppressor (aka silencer). I almost bought one for her at a gun show but that look on her face only spelled evil intensions. “Honey, I didn’t mean to shoot you; I only wanted to dent your butt.” She wants to shoot me she’s got to either find my .38 or pick up that big ole shotgun that weighs as much as she does.

Joan said...

Looking forward to hearing about it. One of my blogging friends saw him when he was here a few weeks ago.

Sherry/Cherie said...

I love that you are into the election fever...but I'd have said "no" to that coffee too -- just looking at that lineup would make me need to go -- with or without the liquid intake!! And wasn't Gloria sweet to give you that extra ticket?! RAK!!!

Betty said...

How very exciting! It'll be worth what you went through to get those tickets! I can't wait to read about it in a future post.


Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

Give my regards to Mr.Obama will you :) Me and my mom support him eventhough we are Indonesian

Pink said...

Just a wee bit jealous over here...have a great time :)

PS - I put up my 24 hours - what a GREAT question :)


Anonymous said...

Good for you for making the effort.

One of these days, you'll have to tell me about the hat that you decided not to wear.

I carry a Sig on duty... but in my heart, I am a Glock man.

Beth said...

so. not. fair.

I'll be with you in spirit!!! and you MUST blog about it!

Above Average Joe said...

Enjoy the show. Just dont throw your bra at him once he comes onstage.

I was in Royal Oak once. I had dinner at the brewery.

linda in c-town said...

And this from the girl who hasn't voted in how long? I do conmend you for getting up early to go and get tickets though. It will be interesting to read what you will be writing about your experience.

Nancy said...

Linda: Na-uhh, I vote!