Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Shopping with Sandi

Me: Are you hungry?

Sandi: No, but when ever you are ready, we can stop.

So we go into J. Jill. I never have luck there. I always think I can get similar things for half the price at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. I leave with a $39.00 pair of jean capri's.

Me: Do you want to eat at Brio Tuscan Grille or PF Changs?

Sandi: Either is fine. Are you hungry now?

Me: No, I can wait.

As we walk past Coldwater Creek, I make the observation that store has "old lady" clothes in it. Sandi tells me she's bought things from there. Oops!

Me: I could eat some ice cream. (As we walk past Nestle's ice cream parlor)

Sandi: I'll wait to go to the Dairy Treat by your house.

We went into Urban Outfitters. We stop to look at the books. It's Sandi's turn to pick the book for her next book club read.

Me: Hey Sandi, look here, I think I found your next book.
(Yes, it was stacked next to Obama's book)

Flipping through the pages, we saw a fireman in need of a hose. A monkey holding the peel of a banana, a bun just waiting for a hot dog and a few other "unfinished" pictures.

Sandi: Look, this air freshener can double as a bookmark.

( You can tell how we laugh and crack loud jokes & everyone gives us funny looks shop together right?)

Me: It's time, Brio's it is, I'm hungry.

So what do we order? Mmmmm so good, here is the recipe.

Raspberry Bellini
1 bag frozen unsweetened raspberries, thawed
2 tablespoons sugar
1 bottle (750-ml) chilled Champagne
Blend the raspberries and sugar in a food processor or blender until pureed. Strain the raspberry puree through a sieve; discard the seeds, if you wish. Set up 6 Champagne flutes and put about 1 tablespoon of raspberry puree in each glass. Add Champagne to each glass; stir gently and serve.

My shopping trip with my sister Sandi was really to spend time together, I don't need anything.

Like the capri's, the 3 tops from Eddie Bauer, the necklace, bracelet and earrings from Brighton, the top from H&M, or the shoes from DSW.


Sunshine said...

I want to go shopping with you guys!!!

Ree said...

Did you go to Somerset? I haven't been there in ages.

I miss it.

San said...

Funny how we can both be so easily talked into dropping our work & our diets to go shopping & stop for lunch/dinner. I can't believe we ate those flurrys on the way home. I am still cracking up over the Pokey Penis book and the air

Beth said...

I'm with sunshine...I WANNA GO TOO!!!!!

delmer said...

People must move to Michigan for the malls. The things you have in yours are so much more interesting than the things we have in ours.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Girl, I'd hate to see what you buy when you DO need something!! This is not bad at all for not needing!! lol!!

Your shopping with the sis sounds like fun -- time spent together, laughing together -- nothing better. My sister and I used to stand in the card stores and laugh till the tears came at some of the cards and we'd have people saying to us 'which one, which one' and we'd share with them too. Awesome.

Tiff (Sandi's daughter) said...

Man, that really makes me miss the good ole' days of strolling around Lakeside with my mom! we never had a list or an agenda - we just systematically covered every floor, gathering (not hunting). Shopping, talking, eating - what a way to bond. I miss my retail therapy days!!

Jami said...

We should just make it a shopping party and all go!

And you KNOW we want to see the loot.

Above Average Joe said...

The penis pokey book would've looked better next to one of Hillary's books.

Sugarplum's Mom said...

Sounds like it was a fantastic day with your sister.

Brighton has fabulous stuff. My mom was shopping with my aunt and there was a Brighton store not to far from Mervyn's. They were in Mervyn's. They found a Brighton wallet in with a stack of clearance wallets. Since Mervyn's couldn't find the tag, they paid $15 for it. They suspect someone lifted it from the Brighton store then got nervous and dumped it at Mervyn's intending to go back and get it... only in the meantime my mom and aunt spotted it. SCORE!