Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh Bama!

OK, just a little background on my obsession ability to manipulate schmooze my way around events and crowds.

I have always been able to get good tickets to concerts, sporting events, etc. Once there, I start looking around and usually decide I need closer seats. I get them, don't ask. It's always fun and legal.

Arriving at Troy High School just a little past 9AM was good. Our place in line was maybe 200 people back. The doors opened at 10:30. Just like a concert, T-shirts and buttons were being sold. The other 1,800 people were lined up behind us and the end of the line looked like it was flowing over into the next city.

By 10AM, my brain was on overload. How could I possibly be back in line this far and how will I ever get a close seat?

Hummm, who has authority around here?

It couldn't be as easy as flirting talking with the security men ... or could it?

Don't ask.

So ... we are on the main floor. Before 10:30. The first row is saved for VIP's. Who ever they were. The second had some saved and some available on the end area of the platform Barack (oh yeah, we're now on first names ... read on) would be holding court.

We opted for the third row pretty much front and center.

Barack spoke and reiterated everything that we have all heard, not bad, just nothing new. Or maybe he was saying something new, I don't really know because I was watching all the secret service men in action. I was impressed with their good looks and suits attention to detail and professionalism.

So, here are a few grainy photos. I though it was my crappy photo skills, but my sister's came out like this too. I think all the media flood lights funked up my shots. I should have adjusted the settings, but I was too busy being in awe.

He a youngin! He's well spoken. He has great teeth.(That's a fetish must for me.)

Then it came time for questions from "the peeps".
I raised my hand.
He gave me "the look" because I am thinking he may have been forewarned about me.

I could have told him how Bossy was on her Excellent Road trip when he was at Bossy's son's school and how she was bummed she missed the chance to see him. I may have asked if he would give a shout out to Bossy.

He did better, he send out this kiss to her:

Now the best part, (for real). At the end, he was making a sweep past the front row, shaking hands. People began to move forward, and so did we. I saw him politely shaking hands, smiling, and secret service strategically moving him along strolling our way.

He reached out to shake my hand, and as I took it, that "one more thing" instinct kicked in. I asked for a hug. He smiled and said sure. As he hugged me, 007 removed my hand from his back as quickly as I embraced him. I know he was just doing his job, but man oh man, I was hoping for a longer hug. Why? Because that suit! It was the finest suit I have ever seen or felt! It had to be 100% silk. It was so light weight and tailored to perfection.

And the photo of my hug? I'm sure some stranger has one of me. My sister had us all framed and when she clicked the button, the asswipe guy behind her thought his position for a photo would be better if he moved her over.

It was an awesome experience.

Hu? What's that?

Nope, not going to tell how we got in before 10:30 and got such good seats. It was legal and no clothing was removed for the cause!


Fightin' Mad Mary said...

OMG I just can't believe you got to touch our future president!!! Is it possible for me to have felt like I hugged the man just from your description?! Now I'm really curious to know who makes his suits.

What an amazing day!!

Whit said...

That's cool. I'm jealous.

Mary Alice said...

OMG Can you come out here right now and hug me so I can say I hugged someone who hugged Obabama? Then I'll shake your hand because I once got to shake VP Al Gores hand.

What an awesome experience! Congrats Nancy.

BOSSY said...

A. Hug? Bossy just fainted.

Joan said...

Pretty exciting.

sgk213 said...

How on earth did you get so close? Way Cool!

Sunshine said...

Your great great grandchildren will talk about how way back when granny made out with the made family history!

John said...

Very cool. : )

But your date with Glenn is still cooler. ; )

Beth said...

ahhh, he IS one FINE caramel man....oh yes he is. I would have grabbed that ass if I had the chance to hug him! Boo Secret Service guys...except when they are protectinghim from people who want to hurt him....

nice suit, huh? wow........I. am. jealous!!!!

Jami said...

I'm glad you kept your cool because I would have been forced to say nasty words to the asswipe ... I mean, guy ... who spoiled the picture of the hug.

And yeah, put me on the Jealous List.

Ree said...

It didn't have to be removed, did it?


Did he address the Michigan "issue"?

Biddy said...

lucky bitch :-)

Michael said...

lol at lucky bitch :)

Betty said...

Awesome!!!!!! It's better without the photo- we just have to imagine.....


Nahria Medina Marzuki said...

now i'm really jealous, hiksss

Terri said...

purty neat! sounds like it was a good experience.

Sherry/Cherie said...

So how does it feel to touch the future to be president of your United States?!

Ginaagain said...

Wow! Just wow. I think I would be smiling for days. Actually I'm smiling just thinking of you hugging him.