Saturday, June 16, 2007


Bryan had an MIR on his ankle last night ... 9:30 PM
Results on Monday.
*Note to self, glad I'm not an X-Ray technician, late nights!

Caitlin recruited me to "exercise" with her again tomorrow morning. She just can't say no to helping her older client.
*Glad she did, feels good to help others.

A "Virtual Tour" company will be out Monday to film my house. Add the link to my For Sale flier, and hope it sells!
*No charge in exchange for them to use it for their advertising.

Yard work, laundry, and grocery shopping today. Not the best itinerary for Saturday, my day off.
*Best time though, to pull the weeds out of my brain.


mb said...

I just saw on HGTV where they added a top "plaque" to the For Sale sign with link to the virtual tour in big bold letters so that if people are too lazy to get out of the car and get the flyer - they will still get your web address for the tour.

Michael said...

Good luck!

Joan said...

It would take me more than a weekend to have my house ready to film!

sgk213 said...

Hope the virtual tour works. It takes alot to sell a home in this market.I hope Bryan's mri shows something good not bad.

Patience said...

X-ray technician isn't the worst medical job out there. Enema technician might be though.