Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yea! I Buried My Realtor Today

The ground has thawed enough that I could dig a hole. Since I am selling my house by owner, Fizzzzbo, and it's Michigan, and the whole economy sucks, and no one is buying houses, I need all the help I can get. I buried this St. Joseph statue today, as per instructions, up-side-down. I have my prayer card that came with it, to help remind me to pray every morning for a buyer. In this market I know it will take a lot more than prayer, but I am covering all bases.

My sister had her house on the market a couple years ago and it wasn't selling. She buried a St. Joseph statue ... still months went by ... no sale. Then she found the prayer card and instructions that came with her St. Joesph statue. She hadn't been praying. I kid you not, her prayers began and in a very short time, [check comments, I am sure she will remind me how short of time it was] ... her house not only sold, she had two people fighting over it!


sandi said...

2 weeks of prayers and a price reduction of 25%. You tell me which one worked.

Nancy said...

... or maybe it was overpriced for the market? I'll opt for the prayer =)

sgk213 said...

I hope it works. In this market you need what ever help you can get!