Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Nice Call Sherlock!

Bryan saw an orthopedic surgeon today. Now his leg is in a cast for a week to get the swelling down, then an MRI next week to see if the torn ligaments need surgery (pins, ouch) or if they can heal on their own.

And that was the good (?) part of the day.

Enter our trusty store cop-wanna-be's:

I went to Meijer's, against my better judgment. I HATE that store and can honestly say if I go there 3 times a year that is probably an exaggeration. It is the closest store to Bryan's and I wanted to get him a couple freezer ice packs and some snacks.

Meijer's is a one stop shop ... groceries, clothes, appliances, pharmacy, photo studio, hair salon, bank, you want it, it's probably there ... an all in one kind of place. They are in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. Yes, I had to look that up because I try to close my eyes and ears to any information about them.

I won't go into detail on my opinion of the store and the typical "Meijer" shopper because I am afraid I cannot be politically correct. Same goes for their fine employees.

So, I get the ice packs, some munchies and Gatorade and decided to go look at DVD's. I picked out a movie and headed to the check out. My items are paid for, bagged and I am on my way. So I though.

When I passed through the doors the security buzzers went off. We have all been in stores where they go off. Some people keep walking. Some stop with a look of " wha-aat? I paid for this". Most customers ignore it thinking there was just a security tag left on an item.

Not this time.

As I stopped and turned around a security guard yelled "STOP THAT WOMAN." I wasn't expecting that and embarrassed said, "I stopped as soon as I heard the buzz". Just then a woman security guard came up and escorted me by the elbow away from the door. I pulled back and said, "I am sure it's a DVD I just bought that has triggered the alarm." Mr. Stop That Woman loudly says "You'd better have a receipt for that."

I had two bags in my hands and my purse looped through my arm. I held out both bags and said, "You'll have to hold the bags so I can get the receipt out of my purse". The woman security guard took her place behind me, so I don't bolt I suppose, as Mr. Stop That Woman reluctantly took my bags. I handed him the receipt and he went down each item and looked into the bags. SHOCK, I actually had paid for everything in the bags.

Not even an apology, a thank you, or an acknowledgment that the cashier forgot to deactivate the security strip. Just an, "OK lady, you can go now".

I can go now? How kind of them. I hesitated, wanting to say what was on my mind, but then again I realized the level of people I was dealing with, so I just left ... never to return again.

If I had the guts, I would have said on my way out ... "suck-kah you didn't check my purse."


Mighty Dyckerson said...

You got screwed. You should've demanded a full cavity body search. At least then you'd get some enjoyment out of it.

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

That is SO embarrassing when those damn things go off. And then for them to treat you like that? Grrrr!

Dixie said...

I hate those things! And I'd have told that ass to get her hands off of me. WHEN you find a stolen item in my possession, then you can manhandle me, but not before then.

Gnightgirl said...

WTF!! Oh, I'd be all over that with the manager, and writing letters to Meijer corporate big-wigs. I get that those guards can nicely go through your stuff, but the big powertrip and attitude makes me livid. I had a security guard knock me out of the way to get to Brian, when he was about 14; we'd made our purchases separately, and they thought he'd just walked out with his stuff. Target got an earful from me that day.

Patience said...

Well of course you look so much like the criminal type!

Nearly every time I buy a DVD at my local W*mart, the electronic alarm goes off because the device which deactivates the security thingy doesn't work right. But they've always been really nice about it! They always apologize and tell me they're sure it's just an oversight. I love my W*mart greeters!

Mary Alice said...

Uggghh. I would write a letter to the manager. Have people forgotten common courtesy or the art of being polite? Is it just too much effort these days?

I was at Michael’s yesterday with my daughter getting supplies for a school project. A package of wooden dowels and a box of clay. The cahier rang it up and I paid and then thought the total had been a little low. When she handed me the receipt, I looked at it and said, "Oh, I thought that was low, you forgot to ring up the clay."

She ripped the receipt out of my hand like I was trying to pull something on her. She read it in disgust and finally GRUNTED (I am not kidding, she grunted) and said, "It SHOULD have rung up."

She rang it up and I paid for it. She never said thank you for pointing that out, or have a nice day or anything. I was SO annoyed.

Michael said...

I agree with the others, you should talk to the Meijer manager.

BOSSY said...

This post was totally funny but what Bossy really wants to say: You have the funniest byline in show business.

Nancy said...

Thanks everyone, yes, I should take it further, but I am sure it would fall on deaf ears.

Again Meijer's doesn't attract the brightest crayons in the box.

Now if that happened at Macy's ... I'd be looking for some serious ass kissing!

Tiff said...

Huh - must be big-box retail day? Reminds me of the time I got a call from the local P.D. telling me that Giant Eagle (Ohio grocery store/gas station) called in my license plate and description for pulling away at the pump without paying. I had just purchased gas, and used the pay-at-the-pump option. Apparently, the machine failed to read my card, so, WITHOUT TELLING ME, the attendant turned the pump on with the "pay inside" option. I filled my tank and never looked back at the display before I drove off. Fortunately, once I explained this to the store manager, they were kind enough not to press charges, but afterwords, I was a bit ticked that the attendant would turn the pump on without letting me know that my card hadn't gone through.

Brianna said...

LOL!!! you should have said the "suck-kah" part. I was laughing so hard when I read that part. New reader by the way....came over from Mad Mary's :)

Beth said...

God, I HATE that!!!! Walmart's buzzer goes off constantly...and it's usually a movie. I am not a shoplifter.....anymore!!!!

San said...
(I've been waiting to use this link) :p

Lawyer Mama said...

Oooooh! I would be hopping mad too! And I'd be all over that store manager. They *really* need to watch it with that touching and detaining stuff.