Sunday, June 3, 2007

A Minute In The Life

I decided the A Minute In The Life project from yesterday could be approached a couple different ways. Some may have planned or posed a photo. I decided to go about my day as usual and at the 2:00 PM designated time, snap a picture. Where ever I was, what ever I was doing.

I was headed to Walgreen's Drug Store and while driving, I watched the clock. At 2:00 I was on Livernois Road, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, heading north. Still driving, going about 45mph, I was able to take these three shots before 2:01PM. I submitted the house.


Dixie said...

Good picture!

Nancy said...

Thanks Dixie, I sent the house to the project, but now I wish I sent the river, oh well ... that's what I get for taking more than one picture.

Gnightgirl said...

I took three in one minute too; will send them and write about it tomorrow. I can't see the galleries from my sickly computer, can hardly wait to get to a "real" computer tomorrow!

Nice shots! Wasn't this fun?

Nancy said...

Lori: Yes, I thought it was a great idea and when you see the gallery you will like the outcome.

Kevin Charnas said...

So lush and green. Ahh...I miss the east.

Janet said...

Hi Nancy,

Just dropped by after seeing a comment of yours on Lori's blog.

My husband and I really liked your photo submitted to the Minute in the Life project! Mine's the "Oxfordshire" photo of the garden with the bird table, and my husband's is the one of the baked potatoes in the oven -- both in Gallery 3.

Good blog -- I'll come back from time to time!

(aka Lord Celery)