Monday, June 18, 2007

Yesterday, Father's Day

The church I attend, Kensington, has something to offer everyone. Young, old, single, married, divorced, etc. You get the picture.

Our series has been on family, and of course this weekend's service would focus on Dad's. The church holds the services in the auditorium because of the huge attendance. The chapel is use for week day services, weddings, smaller gatherings.

After watching the beginning of the Father's Day Service, I sat there thinking, how do I even describe this? The fun that the Dad's and Son's had putting this together?

This is in the auditorium, and note, the bald man is a founding Minister, he's also seen with the blond "head banger" wig on ... and he is the Chaplin for The Detroit Lions. * No jokes about how The Lions are forever losing, lol, prayer hasn't help them win but has made a team of better Christian players*

Once you get past the opening (but quite enjoyable) number, the fun begins:

"The Dirt On Dad"

As I looked around, young and old, were enjoying this fun tribute to Dad's. The service continued with explanation of God's intention for Dad's role in a family.


Queen of the Mayhem said...

This looks like a lot of fun!

We do a Valentine's Banquet at our church that reminds me a lot of this picture!

It is kind of neat to get to "rock out" in church. At least every once in a while! :)

PS: Thanks for your kind words on my made me feel better!

san said...

OK, so maybe I will start attending service =)

Sunshine said...

I missed having a Dad for almost the entirety of my childhood. I thank my lucky stars my hubby is such a great dad, it makes me love him even more.
We have a contemporary service at our church and they are very fun, I like them!