Saturday, June 30, 2007

Hello Kitty =)

Yesterday, Joan wrote this about her little girl growing up and away from some of the favorite toys and movies she had.

As a mom, I know we'd like to have our baby girls for ever, but we also look forward to their becoming young women.

I am at a point with Caitlin where I still treat her like a kid at times, but know I have to let her take flight on her own. She has been looking for an apartment and wants to live by herself. The mom in me wants her to live here, with me, but the reality is she will move out soon. After work today, she and I are looking at a couple places she is interested in moving to. *sigh*

Today, Joan posted a picture of her daughter, as much as she is growing up in Joan's eyes, I looked at her 10 year old daughter and thought of Caitlin at ten. Then it hit me ...

I saw her daughters youthful bedding and smiled ... somethings take longer to relinquish during the transition from girl to young woman. I took this after Caitlin left for work:


Pink said...

I'm 42 years old and I still have spongey slippers with moose heads on them :)

Ok...thats partly because I'm Canadian...but I like the floppy heads as I walk :)

There's a little girl in all of us. And that little girl will always have a part of her that wants to curl up in mommy's lap.

Joan said...

Girls can continue with these things. A long time ago my son said his airplane bedding had to go. With your posts and those who commented on my blog, I realize all moms go through the same stuff. thanks.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

You can't blame a girl for hanging on to a little bit of her childhood!

sgk213 said...

Is she taking Hello Kitty with her???? That comforter is too cute.
Where is she moving too???Can she take Rachel with her??????????

Nancy said...

Yes, there is still a little bit of "girl" in all of us no matter what age.

sgk: She got a 1 bedroom in RH ... she didn't want to deal with room mates ... smart girl. I am sure she would love to have Rachel come party and crash with her ... err, I mean have a sleep over like they used to do when they were little. I think she is doing her bedroom different, but I bet she still takes Hello Kitty, lol

captain corky said...

Sweet post Nancy, and you're daughter is smart for not wanting to deal with roommates. That's for sure.

Nancy said...

Corky: Thank you, and yes, I think my sharing of stories about my one and only room mate when I had an apt., was enough to help her decision in living alone.

Sunshine said...

I would like to keep my girls little as long as humanly possible!!! My boys are fun ages and keep getting more fun but my girls, can I stop time with them somehow???