Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Conversation Hearts, My New Cell Phone

In keeping with my Verizon loyalty, I renewed my contract. I was able to get an upgrade on my phone, so I picked out a new one.

It has the BIG font option for my blindness, 2 pixel camera, V-Cast so I can download music and videos. Right, like I am going to watch a video on my phone screen. I am sure once I get it all figured out, I will find that it slices, dices, repels stains and will stay wrinkle free.

Cait: Ooohh, you got a new phone.

Me: Don't mess with it.

Cait: I can download a new ringtone for you.

Me: Don't mess with it.

Cait: You can store music on this.

Me: Don't mess with it.

Cait: How about a movie?

Me: Don't mess with it.

Cait: Did you try the camera?

Me: Don't mess with it.

The next time I opened the phone, I had new wallpaper ... Caitlin.

Her only problem is, she didn't erase her outtakes.


san said...

As I scrolled down to the comment section to remark how cute Caitlin is I discovered the last picture and did a "spit my coffee on the screen" laugh. I think her *real* mom is Carol Burnett. (anyone remember her?)

Patience said...

I totally love & adore Caitlin!! (And maybe Carol Burnett is at least a long lost relative!)

Dixie said...

First she's beautiful! Second she's hillarious!

Nancy said...

San, Patience, Dixie:

Yes, she is beautiful and hilarious!

I notice anytime I post "Conversations Hearts" ... her tag ... I get more comments than any other post.

Gnightgirl said...

Don't mess with a blogging Mom, when will they ever learn. I loved that last photo too.

Brian and I used to have a wallpaper war on the computer in our family room. It was both hilarious and challenging to outdo each other.

Beth said...

Those are priceless!!!!

I am loving my Verizon phone. I just downloaded "Summer Love" by my boy, Justin timberlake. Love him.

Twisted Cinderella said...

Those are great! That last one made me laugh out loud!

Joan said...

I took a picture of my feet and put in on my husband's phone. Caitlin's pics are much cuter.

Sophie's Mom said...

What a beautiful girl! Looks just like something my 13 year old would do, and now that I think about it, they look a little alike! Too funny!