Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Verlander Pitches A No Hitter!

Tigers 4 ~ Brewers ZERO

Justin Verlander, 24 years old, made history at Comerica Park last night. His no hitter pitching was against the Milwaukee Brewers.

The last Tiger to pitch a no hitter at home was Virgil Trucks, in 1952 at Briggs Stadium, later to be named Tiger Stadium.

Tiger Jack Morris pitched a no hitter in 1984 against the Chicago White Sox, an away game, at Comiskey Park.

My friend Debbie, called at the last minute. Her coworker Bill, gave her two tickets in the private membership, Champions Club ... indeed an even sweeter deal. Better than a suite ... perfect viewing, a wonderful dinner and dessert buffet, huge bar, indoor and outdoor seating. After the game, we went to the gift shop and we both had to snap up Verlander T-Shirts to wear to work today.

I'm so glad I was there, thank you Debbie and Bill.


Beth said...

I don't know a thing about baseball but the food and drink sounds great!!

Nancy said...

Beth: Baseball is so all American! I have loved it since as long as I can remember. And yep, the food was unbelievable.

tracey said...

What fun! It's been awhile since I've been to a game, but honestly, all we've got are the Mariners :)

I'm so old I remember Steve Garvey saying goodbye to the Dodgers and moving to San Diego. City Boy's family lives down in Orange County, so when we went to visit one year his sisters took me to a game. Turned out to be picture day and I got mine taken with Steve, which nearly had me wilting at the knees...

BOSSY said...

Bossy thinks there's a movie about you. It's... it's... Bull Durham!

Nancy said...

Tracey: A pic with Steve ... post it!

Bossy: Truer than you think, ... indeed a baseball fan here and unlike Annie in Durham, I have only dated one from the Tigers. LOL