Thursday, June 28, 2007

Conversation Hearts, Spicy

*Dana as Scary
*Ann as Sporty
*Pearl as Posh
*Caitlin as Baby
*Sadie as Ginger

Me: Caitlin, did you hear the Spice Girls are going to do a reunion tour?

Cait: Cool, I want to see them.

Me: Look at this picture I found from when you saw them at the Palace.

Cait: OMG, look at us. Don't post that on your blog.

Me: Why? Remember you girls did a pantomime to "Wanna Be" as the Spice Girls for the school talent show in 5th grade?

Cait: I was "Baby Spice" ~ Do we still have that outfit?

Me: I doubt it, why? You'd wear that dress again?

Cait: No, but I do love those blue high tops!
*she said with a smirk*


Michael said...

She's going to kill you! (Embarrassing family members must be the theme for today.)

Sunshine said...

Could Posh have had her boobs pushed up any higher???? I kept waiting for them to pop out!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I sent my friend a text message telling her of the reunion and how she needs to buy me a ticket....she was less than amused!

You must post new pictures when you go! :)

Nancy said...

Sun: Boobs? OH you mean those silicone filled pouches of plastic.

Queen: I doubt she'll go, Detroit isn't on their itinerary ... then again, I wouldn't put it past Caitlin to go to NY to see them.

captain corky said...

Free your mind of doubt and danger. Because tonight is then night when two become one!

Joan said...

too cute. glad you have a picture. As far as Posh, there is a big different (literally) in her looks from when she was a Spice Girl

Jessie said...

Posh always scared me. I was always afraid she would poke someone's eye out with that emancipated look she's had going on.

Sad to say, when Spice World came out on VHS, I stole my little brother's copy and watch the heck out of it. It was so cheesy. Right up my alley.

Pink said...

And apparently....they AREN'T doing it for the money...well maybe Posh isn't, but has anyone even heard of the others these past 10 years?

No. Not for the money. Of course not. Its to spread high art to benefit starving children. Ya, thats it.


Its funny to remember us back then isn't it? How does 10 years go by in a blink?

Jessie said...

Well, Mel B just had Eddie Murphy's kid, so her name's been all over the place. And Geri had a kid not to long ago. I think she named her Bluebell Madonna. Ouf.