Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wild and Crazy

Yeah, by now, any regular reader knows my M.O.

TBS posts, skipped days of posting,
pictures and videos = "Shes livin' la vita loca"
(all in a good way)

Have a great weekend and Michigan peeps?
Enjoy our "heat wave".


Karin said...

I've always loved those "wild and crazy guys" that Dan Akroyd and Steve Martin portrayed. Great photo. Whatever wild and crazy stuff you're up to this time, enjoy! I'll be here nursing my miserable cold and feeling sorry for myself. *whine* ;)

Thomas said...

were you and I channeling? I had my SNL Simon post the other day. neato.

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Heat wave here in Connecticut too. Isn't it just so..... human? Love it.


Mrs. G. said...

Steve Martin...he needs to go on the Secret Boyfriend list.

dkuroiwa said...'s Wednesday here and we haven't heard from you.
Do we need to send bail money?

Thomas said...

Oh YAY! I'm all caught up now. I'm so behind on reading many blogs.