Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thelma & Louise Lucy & Ethel

Day one of Thelma and Louise heads to Florida, started out more like an episode of Lucy and Ethel.

I woke up Monday morning for work at 5:30 am and I haven't slept yet.

I picked Sandi up from her house around 3:30 this morning (Tuesday) and headed to the airport. We got parked and shuttled to the terminal in record time and all seemed easy peasy.

We stood in line, Sandi behind me, to go through the TSA checkpoint. I was corralled off to one line and I thought Sandi was in the line next to me. It went something like this:

Me: Starting to take off earrings, 3 rings, 2 bracelets.

TSA Officer: (make that young cute TSA Officer) You don't have to take them off, it's okay.

Me: Starting to take off zippered hoodie (cuz I heard someone else being told to)

TSA Cutie: Don't worry about it, your cool.

Me: Taking off black leather silver studded belt.

TSA Hottness: Um, yeah, take that off! And the boots, you have to remove them too.

[cue stripper music] So I danced slightly through the full body scanner.

All done, out the other side and as I was starting to put my belt on, I realized I didn't hear or see Sandi. I got the belt and boots on and peeked back into the line. No Sandi.

Okay, I assumed she was a few rows over in another line. I craned my neck and didn't see her.

This is like five minutes later and still no Sandi. I asked a security guy if he knew what happened to her. I couldn't go back through the check point and look. He had no idea.

Just as I was going to call her, I see a frazzled sister walking my way. Frustrated and her bags obviously rumbled through, she said her wallet with her ID was missing. They let her through ... go figure! It must be in the gene pool, using persuasive oratory.

But we were through and on to the gate.

I handed my boarding pass to the attendant, he scanned it and I started to board.

I turned back and .... no Sandi.

Off to the side were two security officers, making her take off her zippered hoodie, raising her arms as they scanned her body. I'm all WTF and she's doing the eye roll, claiming she "fits the profile."

We got in our seats and took off on time.

Sandi looked over at me and said:

"You know, we have a flight change in Altanta and I don't have any ID."

Looooooong story just slightly longer ... we made it to Florida and this was our first stop:

Tomorrow, I'll start at the part where I lost the car rental keys somewhere in a 2 mile stretch of oceanfront beach sand. Oh yes I did!


Michael said...

I'm amazed they let S through. Now that you're there, how do you get back without ID?

sherry lee said...

Lucy & Ethel -- my 2 favourite dames....what an ordeal!!! But I LOVE the photo of Sandi with the bevvies...just what the doctor ordered...can someone wire Sandi her ID for the trip home??

Have fun..and keep those daquiris comin'!!!

Ree said...

I take it back. I don't want to go with you! I haven't been strip searched at Metro in forever!

Nancy said...

Michael: Can you believe it? A credit card and car registration finally got her through?!?!?!

Sherry: Her husband will have to overnight pic ID.

Ree: Bishop, out of Flint waaaaaaay better than Metro ('cept don't ask Sandi)

sgk213 said...

Just keep the cocktails coming and you won't remember any of the bad stuff!

Robin said...

I think you nailed it with that title. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Have a great rest of trip!

lis said...

Oh my after reading that, can't wait to hear about the key's vs sand experience... Now am thinkin after that it was forget the foo foo drinks time for some shooters!!
Enjoy, already have some great memories goin there, ok maybe to be foregotten for a few yrs. for San before finding the humor...

Audubon Ron said...

Oh fun. I didn't know you were going to Florida. You're almost a stone's throw from here. I thought I picked up the scent of a hawt mamma in the air.

dkuroiwa said...

As one who has "fit the (damn) profile" more than a few times, please tell Sandi that I totally sympathize with her...and your choice of drink? yeah, baby. and keep 'em coming!

lost keys? pfflt. no problem. that's why there is AAA.

please take some pictures of the wonderful scenery around there...and by "wonderful scenery", you know I'm not talking about the beach or the water!! teehee!!
have fun for all of us!!

Karin said...

Wow, now there's a memorable start to a vacation! I hope you got all the negative kinks out of the way at the beginning so the rest will be relaxing and stress-free. At least it's sunny and (kinda) warm down here.

Patience said...

WoW! I hope they let you back in!!

The Girl Next Door said...

I can't get past the whole no id thing and the daquaries. the keys lost? Just a bonus. I am going to hell for laughing at your peril. it was worth the trip though...

Whit said...

How did she buy drinks without an ID?

Thomas said...

You trusted a heterosexual man to

1: overnight something?
2: overnight the actual item you need?

has it arrived yet?