Friday, February 13, 2009

Paraskavedekatriaphobia *

I am not superstitious.

I don't think lucky charms are the answer to winning at bingo or in casinos. I am positive Aunt Trina and Grandma Bridget would have totally disagreed.

I had a beautiful solid black cat years ago, "Overday", and she was forever walking in front of, around, behind, over, and under me ... the walk between my legs routine too, and never once did I consider having her being unlucky. On the contrary, I was the lucky one to have had her for the many years that I did.

I tend to tempt chance and can't help but walk under ladders when I come across them, just to see if anything happens ... nothing has. I think if something did happen, it would only be because I would be checking out the construction worker, window washer, or painter that was distracting my attention.

Breaking mirrors? I can't even count how many vanity mirrors I have dropped over the years ... can't someone make unbreakable ones?

Do you pick up the lone penny for luck? Throw salt over your shoulder? Lift your feet over railroad tracks? Hold your breath as you go past a cemetery?

To me it's just Friday, end of the work week, and the date just happens to be the 13th.

OK, now I think I will cross my fingers and hope this post doesn't bring me bad luck!

* This is a repost. I posted it my first year, when just family were stopping by.


Karin said...

I'm not superstitious, either, about the negative things like Friday the 13th and broken mirrors. I do love the 'tradition' superstitions, though, like picking up a penny or throwing coins into a fountain. Hokey as it is, we did that last year in Rome at the Trevi Fountain (throw with right hand over left shoulder). Hey, if it's good enough for Audrey Hepburn, it's good enough for me! It's supposed to mean you'll return to Rome again someday. Isn't that sweet?

P.S. I'd forgotten your stories about "Overday." One of the greatest cat names in history. ;)

Michael said...

And we can't forget, SGK's birthday!

Sunshine said...

My birthday, next month, is Friday the 13th. Therefore, I don't usually think it unlucky since it happens occasionally.

lis said...

Just another wonderful day in the neighborhood...

Audubon Ron said...

Shit, I didn't even realize today or at least for the next 35 minutes becuase I blogging when I should be sleeping was Friday the 13th.

Robin said...

Yesterday (Friday the 13th) was my son's birthday, and my daughter was also born on the 13th of the month, so nope, no fear of 13 here :).

Thomas said...

I pick pennies up all the time. But if it's tails I do tend to kick the crap out of it till it's heads. Then and only then do I pick it up. Cause otherwise, the ass-shot is just too tempting for those around me, when I'm doing it.