Friday, February 20, 2009

Lookin' for my lost shaker of salt ....

Yesterday ... (as best as I can remember it)

We woke up early to get a good long almost sunup to definitely sundown day on the fantabulous Florida Keys.

The drive was long, but quite easy. I think we made if from Ft. Lauderdale to Key Largo in just over 2 hours, and that's not knowing where we were going. (and probably a little speeding was involved)

I've never been there, Sandi has, but many years ago. Halfway through the keys, we stopped at Lazy Days to eat. We were seated on the outside deck. People were waiting for a shaded table, not us snow white girls from Michigan, give us the SUN baby!

This was our view as we ate lobster filled wraps. We may have had an adult beverage or four to wash it down.

As we headed south, we passed "Theater of the Sea" ... obviously a touristy thingy. We had a brochure and it said dolphin show, parrots, seals, and tropical fish adventure. Sandi asked me if I wanted to check it out.

"Sure, let's do it" (really thinking "I don't want to do some F*ing tourist trap, but Sandi must want to)

As we were cattle prodded from show to show, I was thinking how it really was a nice quick (2 hour total) show for little kids and old, OLD people.

We started with Wilbur the trained seal that did the usual tricks and ended his show with a smile.

The dolphins were my favorite and the show they did was typical, but the little kids around us were really enjoying it.

I liked the tropical fish, turtles, and nurse sharks, but I can't help feel bad that they are in captivity. I'd rather see them while on a SCUBA dive.

The parrots? What parrots? There were parrots in this show? Mr. Hawtness was supposed to put on a show with his trained parrots, but I don't recall seeing any parrots. Sandi said she didn't notice any parrots either.

We could have continued on, checking things out on our own around the grounds, but I suggested we leave so we could get to Key West sooner.

Sandi was SO GLAD thinking "Whew, glad Nancy had her fill of this f*ing place. I did my sisterly duty and hung in on this lame tourist trap for her. Would have been my last choice of how to waste 2 hours of my life."

When it was over, we continued south. We were going to Key West to finish out the day at the beach to watch the must see sunset. Words cannot express a sunset on Key West ... you just have to experience it.

On our ride back to Ft. Lauderdale we discovered two things:

1. From now on, if one or the other really doesn't want to do something, or stop somewhere, speak up because we forget we are SO much alike, we probably are just "being nice" for the sake of the other.

2. If you make a wrong turn in downtown Miami at 11:30 at night, you just may find yourself in the red rent district using the Club Pink Pussycat neon lit sign to navigate yourself outta there!


Beth said...

oh Nancy....those photos are SPECTACULAR!!!!!

what parrots?

sherry lee said...

"communication" -- is the best tool when travelling together. I'm still laughing at the two of you at the "seal" show "for the other one"...Key are making me antsy to pack a bag!!!!

Michael said...

Mr. Hawtness? That was a joke, right?

Joan said...

I've only been to Key West twice. Once we did the drive from Lauderdale. It is long but worth doing it at least once. A few years ago we flew into Key West. I wish I was there now. Take care.

Ree said...

I'm so guilty of the "just to be nice" syndrome. ;-)

I'm getting back to the jealous stage.

Just sayin. We're expecting 4-8 inches of snow tomorrow. You know that, right?

lis said...

How fun... Great sunset shots!!

dkuroiwa said...


and now I have the theme song to "Where the Boys Are" in my head...thank you oh so much for that...damn that Connie Francis, anyway!! :-D

here's to finding that shaker...and stay away from tatoo parlors..unless, of course, that's what you really want to do...!!

Thomas said...

I'm glad YOU stayed out of the water tank. Dolphins are notoriously cheeky.