Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beaches, Boats, and Burned!

As I was saying ... after Sandi's ordeal, we hit the bar on the beach, soothed the frazzles, then went for a long walk.

My turn to freak out.

The good folks at the Miami International Airport Avis Car Rental, were quick, super friendly, and even gave us an upgrade. The whole get shuttled from the airport, get in line for the car, get the keys and go was super fast and easy. I thought for sure I'd be calling them to bring us out an extra set of keys.

After walking and hanging out on the beach for a couple hours, we decided to head back to the hotel. As I stood up, I did the pocket check for cell phone, check, sunglasses, check, lip balm, check, and car keys, shit! Sandi was laughing at me and I was calculating how much it was going to cost to have Avis come bring a spare set out. Then I realized anyone who found them could walk the stretch of parked cars hitting the lock button and listen for the horn. Everything was in the trunk, cameras, purses, charge cards, cash ... blech, I was feeling ill.

We started walking back and in less than 50 feet, there they were sitting smack dab in plain sight. I don't know how or why anyone else didn't pick them up. Enough people had walked by from both ways. Lucky me.

Today was major beach day.

Hollywood Beach, meh .... Pompano Beach, very nice ... Ft. Lauderdale Beach, really nice ... tons of great people watching. Sandi was careful, she used sunblock, but got burnt. She's quite red tonight. I wanted to get pink, some color at least. I didn't use any sunscreen and I have nothing. No color except what I got in the tanning bed in Michigan before I left, which isn't much anyway! Not even the typical burnt nose. Don't laugh at my fish-belly-white skin. I still have a few days to work on this.

We watched as they filmed a Coppertone commercial on Hollywood Beach starring Brooke Shields. We didn't see her, but we didn't want to stay around much longer. They take forever to set up one shot.

We headed to Bahia Mar Marina to check out the Yachts. All I can say is whoa! I've never seen so many beautiful mansions boats at one time in one spot.

Googled for this photo because I though it uncool to say "Hey, y'all mind if I take a picture of your floating McMansion?" We did, however, get an offer to meet tomorrow morning for a "boat ride" with Dave and Bill!?!?! We smiled, took his card and said, "We'll call you back on that."
(We won't be making that call.)

So tomorrow (Thursday) we are headed to the keys for the day then on to Naples and the gulf area for five more fun filled adventurous days!

Oh yeah, sorry Ree, I hear the weather back home SUCKS ;)


dkuroiwa said... what is whiter than fish-belly-white...cause that's what I got going on over here! ugh!! Must find the lotion with tanning stuff in it!!

So glad you found the keys and all is good. Tell Sandi to steep some tea...make it really strong...and put it in the bath...then soak for a while. It works and she'll be ready for the beach later!!

And might I say, Ms. MM that you are totally working the cool sunglasses and kick-ass earrings on the beach. Very hawt.

Have you seen Jimmy Buffett yet?

sherry lee said...

and the Gods looked down on Lucy & Ethel and took pity because they have "whiter than fish belly" skin and knew that they needed this trip and so it was that the car keys were found and made visible and not taken by anyone else, and so it shall be. Enjoy the sunshine, the beach, the sand, the bevvies...sounds wonderful!

sgk213 said...

Have fun. I'll be on Ft.Lauderdale beach in March. Save me some sun and fun.

Anonymous said...

I am J-to-the-ealous. Cold and Rainy here, though the sun is supposed to shine today. Sounds like you girls are having a great time.

Michael said...

Jay's applying for jobs in the Pompano, Boca, West Palm very well could be my future home!

Audubon Ron said...

You gave me flesh.

Thank you.

GingerSnaps said...

I just wanna say that I am so freakin' jealous (in a good way!) are partying on my old stompin' grounds! :)

Me, You, or Ellie said...

I am so very, very happy for you. I can almost smell that Coppertone...