Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Got Your Guido Right Here!

I've never gotten into video games.

Yes, I was in my 20's when PONG came out, we got it, it was dumb.

After that, nothing.

Once I had kids, into the house came Atari, Nintendo, upgrading to Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Play Station, X-Box, and no, there isn't any Wii ... yet.

I never got into playing any of those games. I'm too impatient and A.D.H.D. to sit very long and they never held my interest.

The most I ever played were the quick easy to complete on line games.

Sit down play, win, get up, done ... easy peasy.

Until a couple days ago. [cue the theme from "The Godfather"]

Don recruited me to be in his Mob on MySpace.

Lame-O right?

Wrong, I am addicted to playing Mobster.

Well it's not really me playing [ahem] but Jane Midnight is playing.

I whacked my first mobster and now I am hooked.

Well, I think obsessed is more like it.

If you are on MySpace and want to join my mob in on the fun, let me know so I can buddy you.

I think I found the Peter Pan in me.


delmer said...

Did you hear about the hillbilly who thought a Peter Pan was something you put under the bed at night?

*ba dum bum*

Thank you ... I'll be here all week.

(Yes, that's very old and it didn't make the best sense when it was new.)

GingerSnaps said...

Oh my god, Delmer...that was really bad. *snicker*

Ree said...

Just you wait. If that's what your character looks like, you're going to have LOTS of buddies pretty soon.

Audubon Ron said...

The other side of ADHD is hyperfocus. Once you get hooked, then your ADHD brain goes into overdrive and self stimulates and then you hyperfocus.

Midnight, you got my guido in your hand.

Michael said...

I got into Mario Bros on Super Nintendo and that was about it. I don't have the attention span either.

Bruce said...

I have an account on MySpace but have not been there for many Kidlets and spam for my taste.

Besides the wife and I are awesome Tetris Players on the Nintendo 64. We rock.

Beth said...

gawd, that's all I need is another game to be addicted to!!!!! But I would love to off a mobster! ;)