Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Forgot to Take Christmas Pictures

Caitlin and Lola

and with Ray

Christmas Day was relaxing and laid back. As we do every year, we gathered at my sister Sandi's house. This year, there were a few from our tribe that were missed.

My mom and step-dad are smart enough to have stayed in Florida. My niece and her family (the only little ones) are arriving today for a New Year visit. Allison (another niece) was with her boyfriend and his family. My son Bryan, went to his fathers early, then met up with a girl wasn't feeling well.

When I unloaded my camera, I realized I never took one picture on Christmas Day. Caitlin, her boyfriend Ray, and Lola were over Christmas Eve. These shot's are the only thing I have to represent Christmas 2008. Quinn and Bryan didn't even get in any. I am a bad mom.

Ben and Lola had fun fighting over chewy bones playing.

(Ben's really licking her)

One guess who wins out every time.

Caitlin being camera shy.

Actually, I have about 20 photos of these two, acting goofy and making faces, but I'm sure they'd rather I not post them.

I'm going out celebrating New Year's Eve. I'll take my camera in hopes that I'll make a better effort to capture some memories.


Ree said...

Happy New Year sweetie!

Me, You, or Ellie said...

That dog would have *no* change against me. ;)


Me, You, or Ellie said...

I meant, of course, chance.



Nancy said...

Ellie~ Lola isn't a dog, she's an hor d'oeuvre.

lis said...

''Ellie~ Lola isn't a dog, she's an hor d'oeuvre''
Literally laughing out loud,thanks needed that...
Have a great night out, 'Happy New Year'..

Patience said...

Happy 2009!

Loooooove Lola's outfit!

Joan said...

cute. I took no pictures.

Audubon Ron said...

That’s a funny contrast Pitbull/Chihauhua.

Glad you’re going out for NYr’s eve. Stay safe.

Nab some pics. I’m into this photo essay thingie now. Come by and visit.

Sunshine said...

She is way too cute!

Beth said...

Happy New Year girlfriend!!!

and I love the little dog's wardrobe!!!

jennyonthespot said...

Well, the pictures you DID get are great :) The pictures I got the camera vomited in some jpg mess. :( happy new Year, my friend... I look forward to our conitnued blogging adventrues and am crossing all my fingers in the hope to meet up in Chicago for BlogHer!

Karin said...

Great pictures! At least Caitlin poses and smiles---she's so adorable!. My son says he doesn't like having his picture taken, and as a result always looks snarly when I force him to be photographed. Happy New Year!

Michael said...

Have a great time!

dkuroiwa said...

These were great pictures! Caitlin is gorgeous...and though I'm not really a "dog person", I think Lola is pretty cute, her name is great!! (my "bad girl name" is Lola Divine, by the way!!):-D

Betty said...

I forgot to take Christmas photos too! At least you've made up for it. And I hope you remembered the camera on new Year's Eve!!!!