Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mr. Pink

Women have secret famous boyfriends. Some of us have a complete menu of them.

When Queen of the Mayhem asked me, "If you could hook up with one celebrity who would it be and why", the Rolodex in my brain rolled like a ferris wheel.

The hotness of George Clooney or Brad Pitt immediately pops into mind. The sexy seducing "come hither" looks from Johnny Depp are irresistible. Seasoned, well experienced handsome Robert Redford would be an interesting "hook up", as well as the ever classic Jack Nicholson.

I know who'd I'd pick though.

Considering the definition of "hook up" being having a date with, hanging out with, getting to know and spend time with, made my decision easy.

I've put this guy sitting next to me at the "if you could invite 10 people to dinner, who would you choose" question every time.

See if you can figure it out by some of the roles he's played.

Garland Green in "Con Air"
Dave Veltri in "The Wedding Singer"
Donny Kerabatsos in "The Big Lebowski"
Rockhound in "Armageddon"
Crazy Eyes in "Mr. Deeds"
And my favorite, Mr. Pink in "Reservoir Dogs"

"Why am I Mr. Pink? Why can't we pick out our own colors? Yeah, Mr. Pink sounds like Mr. Pussy. Tell you what, let me be Mr. Purple. That sounds good to me, I'm Mr. Purple."

Steve Buscemi

He plays odd, strange character roles and to me, he's always played them well.

I'd like to see how his thinking parallels to the offbeat characters he's done. Even the best of actors have a bit of each of the characters personality they portray, no?

Maybe it's his "different" look. Not at all the Hollywood lead male heartthrob. I think he's sexy-cool ... in his own way.


Karin said...

Interesting choice. Not who I would have chosen, because I can only picture him in creepy roles (I'm always drawn to the 'nice' guys). But trying to figure out why he did them and how much of him is in those characters sure would be fun....

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Oh, I love him, too. I'll see anything he's in. He's a director, too, don't you know: Trees Lounge.


Gnightgirl said...

I love your pick; he's great. I'm never quite drawn to "pretty boys" either. I like me some Drew Carrey.

Ree said...

Garland Green creeped me out! ;-) But I can see it. He's a very interesting guy.

lis said...


Nancy said...

Michael:The visual/sex appeal of Clooney or Pitt ... The Noir appeal if Depp, the "wow what rolls around in his noodle " of Jack, and all of the above for Redford.

Buscemi has an artistic feel about him. I bet he has a good heart.

Bruce said...

He is probably one of the better actors of our time. He pretty much 'made' the film "Fargo" and the wife and I just finished watching the episode of "The Soparnos" that he directed (Pine Barrens) before becoming a regular on the show in Season 4 (until Tony whacked him).

Greg C said...

Obviously this is excluding the women of Blogworld which incidentally would make a great calendar. I would have to pick Rachel McAdams. As for Mr. Pink, sorry he doesn't do it for me. Then neither does Rachel but I would like it if she did. :)

Beth said...

love him as an long as I don't have to look at his teeth! I'm sorry! I am such a teeth person....and he needs to get his fixed. But then he probably couldn't play all those quirky parts, huh?

hmmmm...Brad is just a little too abvious for me, so I think I'll pick Jack Black...or Morgan Freeman..or maybe Ashton Kutcher...

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Nancy. I've always thought of Steve Buscemi as interesting. Though he wouldn't be my first choice. My heart belongs to Lyle Lovett.

dkuroiwa said...

Why is it that most of us have that one guy...that one a bit different that we lust after?
Your choice? I can see..totally.
But I lurve Brian Dennehy...

Betty said...

He looks like the boy I had a crush on in middle school!