Sunday, December 14, 2008

Personal Inventory

My blog is a slacker this month. And a lot of last month.

Sometimes I post for mental release, sometimes just to bring out a smile.

You'd think when there is much happening in my life, I would have endless stories to write about.

Quite the opposite.

When there is so much going on, I back off on writing. Not for lack of time. Mainly, because I haven't revealed much about myself in my writing. Not much of my personal life.

Sure, there's the usual meme's that tell you trivial things about me. Photos that give a visual of a few things I'm up to.

But not the real personal stuff.

There are some bloggers that can just spill it all out. Some, giving TMI in my opinion.

But, I find the bloggers that are real, tell it like it is, pour your heart into it writers, put out good, thought provoking posts. Where as my holding back shows with my run of YouTube posts or quirky jokes.

It's those days, I am probably dealing with things that I should just "put out there" ... listen to your opinions, welcome your support, or accept a bitch-slap into reality.

I'm going to go play Mobsters on myspace ask you to leave in comments, a question. Something you've wondered about me, or maybe read a post that you had a question about. Or you can e-mail me with one at mariemillard [at] gmail[dot] com.

I'm hoping this may help me to open up more in my writing.


Robin said...

I'm busy with my folks' visit this month so not much blogging or even blog-reading from me either right now, but I wanted to say that I hope whatever is going on in your life right now is working out exactly how you hope.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I would love an update on your kids, all the pets and....are you dating someone?

Joan said...

Yeah I realize my blog is boring because there is so much I won't write about. I could tell a lot about my family, friends and coworkers but I try to be respectful. No one right around me reads my blog but I keep in mind it is a possibility. As far as me, I'm a pretty private person. It's ironic I write a blog at all.
I hope you are doing okay and look forward to reading whatever you care to share.

San said...

Sounds like you need a little share-a-py.

Mrs. G. said...

I just read a book called "The Ten Best Days of Your Life" What are your ten best days?

Ree said...

Okay - so you were married at one point to a musician. Who is the most famous person you ever met?

Michael said...

If you were writing your life story, is there anything you wish you could change?

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I seriously fall into the TMI category.

I suffer from verbal diarrhea....I can't help myself! :)

I want to know whose bed have your boots been under? (hee-hee....if you are not a country music will not get this) In other words...are you seeing any hawt man these days?

If you could hook up with one celebrity who would it be and why?

There you go...mull it over...and answer.

Oh...and I don't think your boring!

Deb on the Rocks said...

What would you do if you could get away with it?

Bruce said...

I have a PhD in "bitch-slap into reality". It is what I do best.

With that in mind, here are a few things to ponder.

a) Your greatest accomplishment (raising children does not count), something you planned and completed.

b) your greatest failure or regret. Something you wish you would have done but no longer have the opportunity

c) the one great purpose you are striving for in this lifetime, what you have done to attain it and whether you think you will suceed.

(putting on my bitch-slapping glove and waiting for a response......hehehehe [just kidding, I'm a pussy cat]