Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Politics at it's Finest

I'm not listing a couple men in politics that may or may not have put better judgment on the back burner:

David Vitter, Mark Foley, John F. Kennedy, Gary Hart, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Eliot Spitzer, Larry Craig, *John Edwards, *John McCain

*The jury's still out on these two.

I goo/gled for female politicians caught on the down low and couldn't find anything in the first 10 pages so if anyone wants to dig deeper, have at it.

I'm not going to point out that Hillary and Barack are creating sound bites to be used against whom ever runs against John. You can't divide to conquer, unless your agenda is for personal proliferation. Valid facts should stand on their own merit without incorporating hypothetical scenarios.

Remember when I posted about Detroit's Mayor Kwame Kilpatrickgate? His perjury, his lies, his affair, his lawsuits that cost the people of Detroit almost 9 MILLION dollars? Well, that mess is still on going. Now lets add MURDER to the pot.

Tonight he is holding a State of the City address. Right now, more people would rather hear his speech on stepping down from office.

It has come to light that in 2002, Mayor Maggot Kilpatrick had a little party at the Manoogian Boogian Mansion where he and his WIFE and SONS reside. Mrs. Mayor arrived home early to find strippers exotic dancers as entertainment. One in particular, dancing for the Mayor. Mrs. Mayor joined in by hitting this dancer, Tamara Greene, with a wooden object. The dancer later filed charges.

Early 2003 Tamara Green was gunned down while sitting next to her boyfriend outside a home. The boyfriend was not shot. Just Tamara. Just like a hit.
::: insert shocked look here :::

Friends and family state she feared for her life in the months that preceded her death. She was trying to stay in hiding. Someone was threatening her. The family alleges the Detroit police hasn't handled the case properly and accused them of a cover up.

The Mayor's office denied any such party or involvement with a cover up. A retired clerk at the police department has come forward and signed an affidavit stating she was in charge of opening incoming mail. She recalls sorting a police report stating Ms. Green and 2 other strippers were dancing at the mayors home when his wife came home unexpectedly. The report included her trip to the hospital to seek medical attention.

You can't make this sh*t up. It's flying out of Detroit faster than anyone can keep track of. In the mean time, what is happening to the city? How much MORE money is this scumbag Mayor going to cost us?


Jen M. said...

This is made for a Lifetime movie of the week.

And if I see ne more woman patiently standing by her man at the press conference where he admits infidelity - I WILL LOSE MY SH*T!!!

Ree said...

And then, did you SEE/HEAR what he did? Threw out the N word. (I'm hearing this second hand, being in Chicago, they didn't cover the actual speech).


Nancy said...

Ree: oh Yeah, Geez-O-Pete he said the N word at the end of his speech and now that's the ONLY thing anyone is talking about. PLUS he shamed the news media, said they were a lynch mob! Man, he's just putting the final nails in!

Joan said...

Here in NC we usually just embezzle money. Nothing exciting.

Carrie Sue said...

Politicians these days leave NOTHING to the imagination. It's shocking and disgusting, and ass-hats gives the good ones a bad name.

Candy said...

That's some story. I don't think I've heard much of this on the national news. Odd...maybe I've just not been listening since I don't live there.

Michael said...

I don't think I've ever been so disgusted at someone in my entire life. And if the people of Detroit are f-ing stupid to recognize what a criminal this guy is, then they'll get what they deserve.

Terri said...

amen sister! this whole thing is just sickening and outrageous.

If he were anything of a man he would be stepping down from office but something tells me he'll be staying right where he is and riding it out on the D dollar (what's left of it). Very sad.

Mamma said...

Like Detroit needs that.

Defiantmuse said...

yikes, dude. yikes.

interesting what the national news does (but more importantly does *not*) find news-worthy.....