Friday, January 25, 2008

Motorcity Mayor, MIA (Double Entendre)

In his last term, the mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, was put under the microscope for some questionable choices. Although there were smoking guns, the people of Detroit decided to re-elect him and give him another chance term.

I could post a list of all the poor choices he has made over the years, but that would take several pages I think the real question here is his character.

In his latest scandal, which has made national news, it appears we have a case of perjury. In a nutshell, last year a Deputy Chief and a body guard for the mayor brought to light some wrong doings by the mayor and his inner circle. It was alleged, in retaliation, those two were fired for doing so.

The two fired men, brought suit against the mayor, during which they also brought up that the very married, father of 3, was having an affair with his chief of staff. During the trial, both the mayor and the chief of staff denied any affair what-so-ever. The case settled for 8.4 million. Are the taxpayers going to eat that? mmm-huh

Now, Detroit has it's own Sex, Lies, and Videotape Texting drama unfolding. Over 14,000 text messages have been examined and it appears the mayor and his chief of staff lied under oath.

As soon as this news broke, we hear the mayor has left the building. A news reporter found him in a house in Florida that he bought last year as a vacation home for his family. $$Ohhh-kaaaaay$$

Now, the latest tidbit to surface, is his time spent last weekend giving a speech at a prayer breakfast in NC. It appears his wife and sons did not go. The mayor 's hotel resort/spa receipts reveal that he was not alone. There were chocolate covered strawberries and champagne shared by two. An hour long massage shared by two, in the same room, and an aromatic whirlpool bath shared by two. The name given by the woman is obviously fictitious. Oh yes, the chief of staff? Out of town, unavailable.

As much as the local reporters are all over this, nobody has been able to locate the mayor.

This is definitely a character flaw to say the least, but the man needs to own up to it and step down. Detroit does not need the expense, the set backs, and lack of leadership that Kwame Kilpatrick has created.

One thing for sure, there's not going to be any more parties happening at their home, the Boogian' Manoogian Mansion.


Mrs. G. said...

What an ass, a prince among men.

San said...

Surprise Surprise...corruption in Motown. No way, can't be true ~smirk~

sgk213 said...

I cant believe they put the man back in office after his first round of lies. He needs to step down and fast. Then they need to take away his law license,throw him in the slammer for perjury and throw away the key. End of story.

Michael said...

I agree...lock him up and throw away the key. Detroit would be SO much better off!!!!!!

Casdok said...

Our Mayor is boring!!

Audubon Ron said...

He schtupped her. He boned her big. He poured on the coals. She rubbed it on him and he pumped it on the line. She was probably going “Oh-we-gee-up-hmm-Oh-we-gee-hmm-hmm-ba-a-by” Like that.

If ever I need a personal assistant I’ll be sure to get a dog. My wife would have committed a crime on me if I’da boned an assistant, made her touch it, knocked her pictures side ways and then probably made her even put on a few restraint devices - just for fun - I’m just say’in.

(I need a cigarette).

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Sounds like someone is following in Bill Clinton's footsteps! :)

Linda in C-Town said...

I've never really cared for the Motown Mayor and was floored when he was re-elected. I figured it was just a matter of time before he screwed (!) up again. The people of D-troit deserve what they got for re-electing the bastard.