Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brother has a Big Arrogant 'Tude

I wrote about the investigations in Detroit of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

You can catch up here and here and here.

Yesterday, Detroit and the Mayor became national news.

Wayne County Prosecutor, Kim Worthy filed felony charges against Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former (high school friend, college friend) Chief of Staff Christine Beatty. Each charge is 5-15 years in prison. 15 total were filed.

Mug Shots of the Mayor and Ms. Beatty
They both turned themselves in for booking.

Ms. Worthy gave a live news conference announcing each charge being handed down to both Kilpatrick and Beatty. The charges are for perjury, obstruction of justice, etc.

Wayne County Prosecutor, Kim Worthy
This woman is NOT one to mess with.
After watching her news conference, she's my BFF.

It all started back when two police officers (also black, for the record) were fired for blowing the whistle on the affair Kilpartick and Beatty were having. One thing lead to another (read in my past post links) and it has cost the City of Detroit more than 9 MILLION dollars because of this arrogant mayor.

Ms. Beatty did step down immediately when this all surfaced and has kept a very low, private profile. It doesn't right her wrong, but it shows remorse and better character than Kilpatrick.

Kilpatrick is so arrogant about the whole mess, he thinks he will be exonerated. I could go on and on about how he has wasted the people of Detroit's money over and over for his personal gain, possessions, entertainment, vacations, etc. I'm talking MILLIONS again.

The City Council voted, and asked he step down. He refused.

When Prosecutor Kim Worthy, read the charges, with explanation, I was so proud to have her protecting the City of Detroit's back. She eloquently put that arrogant man in his place by reminding him the simple rules we teach our children. Do not lie, follow the rules, honor your vows you take when entering public office.

Afterwards, it was buzzing around the best thing he could do for the city, is to step down.

Again, he refused, and publicly stated he would not step down.

Detroit is majority black. The Mayor has the audacity to pull the race card. In his speech, he used the N WORD, has said this is a "lynching" and a conspiracy.

The Detroit City Council, voted to have him step down:

As I look at all these people above, the very people that want to right his wrong, make him admit and own up to his lies, take the punishment to fit his crimes ... I wonder why he'd even think he could pull the race card.

And if he really felt that strongly about white people being against him, why did he hire this high profile attorney out of Chicago (Why not an attorney from Detroit?) to defend him, at the reported $700 an hour that the people of Detroit will be paying for.

Dan K. Webb, Attorney at Law


sgk213 said...

Hopefully he finds a new tax payer home to live in. Maybe in Jackson.

Michael said...

I'm hoping Beatty is offered a plea deal to testify against Kwame...I'd love for her to get a slap on the hand in order to really sink him.

Sherry ~ Cherie ~ ms. herbes de provence said...

Politicians..when WILL they ever learn??

Jessie said...

I heard the name but didn't really know of anything since I had other issues yesterday. That man is a damn fool. He's gonna be in major trouble. Y'all's time for public humiliation, huh? Don't worry. We had Bill Campbell.

Jen M. said...

I agree. Where's OJ's attorney??

Ree said...

And on Faux News (I only watch it because of the whole "know your enemies" factor) they kept trying to make it a sex issue. (Um, after what they did to Clinton? Even if it was only a sex issue... wait, I won't start.)

Sex was the least of his problems. Perjury is a felony. Pure and simple. He's an ass - and listening to some of the citizens they interviewed yesterday? There are plenty of people who actually believe what Kilpatrick is saying.

(And yet, I still think Webb is going to manage to clear him.)

But holy heck, wasn't Worthy great yesterday?

Nancy said...

Ree: Yes ... I heart Kim Worthy!

I was listening to ABC, local 7 news. They were going out of their way to NOT make it a sex issue. More so his ongoing lies, misuse of funds, and his whole above the law attitude. I hope Beatty plea bargains and helps burn this useless parasite.

Joan said...

The story made our newspaper's front page today - not the headline but still on the front page.

widget said...

oh my! At least you are being entertained - although you might not want to see this sort of entertainment up close and personal. If you watched this on a tv soap/drama you wouldnt believe what you read....Hmmm.

detroit dog said...

Just when you think perhaps NY's Spitzer will take away the limelight....

I saw both news conferences, too. Kym Worthy is NOT to be messed with; that woman is smart, quick, and articulate.

(BTW, OJ's attorney died last year.)

sparrow said...

I live here in Detroit and I think he is a dayum fool. Not to mention that he is stupid enough to use a city phone for phone sex and other BS. He's where he should be...locked up.