Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mike and Ike

No, not this kind, but I do like them!

Ike Turner.
When I heard he passed away yesterday, my first thought was wondering how Tina reacted.

His early career as a musician didn't bring him fame until Anna Mae Bullock joined the band as a singer. Anna became Tina Turner. And the endless hits that made them famous. River Deep Mountain High, Nutbush City Limits, and Proud Mary. (A wedding favorite, NOT) It's the personal life with Tina that taints Ike, for me. His drug abuse, physical abuse, and cheating that I think about. Tina rose above it and Ike is a name that to me, in later years, just road on Tina's coattails.

So when I heard he died, I get bummed that the "real" man ruined his musical genius persona for me.

And that's how I feel about Mike.

I have a love/hate relationship about Michael Jackson. I love his music and his writing. He too, is a genius as far as forging through past years with new and brilliant songs and entertainment.

Why did he have to turn out to be a plastic looking alleged (ahem) pedophile?

THAT, ruins the fun of his music.

I know our favorite musicians, actors, politicians, sport figures, etc., are just people, but if they are "out there" can't they at least keep their personal crap out of my face so I can pretend they are the idol I'd like to think they are?

I hated when I was 10 and my dad humanized The Beatles by saying they poop just like the rest of us!


Maddy said...

No harm in a little whimsy I don't think. Idols to admire when we're little don't seem such such a bad idea, or when you're a little older come to think of it.
Best wishes

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dlyn said...

What an interesting blog! Followed a link over to you from PW & I will be back to read you some more.

When I saw that Ike had died this morning, Tina's reaction was also my first thought.

TX Poppet said...

Wait. The Beatles do what? Even Ringo? No way.

Beth said...

I loved Michael Jackson before he turned weird.."Off The Wall" and "Thriller"... that's when he was really good.

and he poops?

lis said...

Tina now there is a 'lady'..

Sherry said...

That was my first thought too ... what did Tina think...

As for MJ...I don't think he poops Beth...I think that's part of his problem...he's over-constiptated.

Linda in C-Town said...

Tina, I love that lady!! Saw her perform on Oprah a while ago and at the age of 60(?) something she still has IT !! Ike will get his in the afterlife. Tina did her self proud.

debra said...

I also wondered about Tina. and I liked Michael Jackson a lot, too.
How hard it must have been for him to grow up on TV!

sgk213 said...

Tina Turner has the greatest legs ever. I hope she doesn't even spend one minute thinking of Ike.

delmer said...

I heard Ike mentioned in the news yesterday, but hadn't realized he'd died.

(The Beatles poop in a loo. We, Americans, poop in a bathroom.)

Jessie said...

Dude, Ike Turner died? Really? Really? Damn, I miss all the events.

As for the name, Ike is forever a piss poor name after my godmom's ex-husband.

And MJ...let's just say I'm happy the scary dead white woman is not in our faces all the time. And I can't blame the celebrities for their personal life broadcasting. I blame the media and public who gobble it up. It's not their fault that someone has a 200x telephoto lens that would make astronomers jealous, and people that dig through these people's garbage. It was easier, I think, when sites like Perez Hilton and X17 and TMZ didn't exist. Along with the rags, of course, but they usually pick up gossip from the websites.