Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mitt, Mac, and Mike

Annually, at Cobo Center in beautiful downtown Day-twahh.

This year we have the primaries AND the auto show on the same day.
You know what that means. Mitt, Mac, and Mike were at the auto show.

Here's Mitt and the Mrs. posing sitting in an all American Ford.

Then we have McCain in a Mazda Ryuga concept car.

And Mike and his wife in a Ford concept.

Whew, they all made it to Motor City! Now on with the polls.

As I type this, looks like Mitt has a win, perhaps riding a bit on Pops coat tails? His dad, George Romney, was Michigan's governor from 1963 - 1969.

Hillary has the win in Michigan's primary for the democrats. Hey, Hil? Why didn't you show up at the auto show? Just not into cars? Eh, me either. Besides, you get your butt chauffeured all over ... I bet your driver's license hasn't been renewed in years. Do you really need one?

Back at the auto show. They showcased some concept cars, hybrids, and production cars.

Ford Verve Concept

Honda Hybrid

2009 Dodge Journey

And finally, a trio sampling of the ever present shiny new models that are found throughout the show.


Maddy said...

Hmm I must admit that I'm not really a car person. Does that make me 'not a proper American'?

Terri said...

Did you notice all the pics you picked have the candidates in Ford products? I got a laugh out of that (maybe I should sign you up to advertise for FMC?). :o) Hubs and I are going Monday. I can't say I love it but can handle it every few years or so.

Joan said...

I was asked to be one of the models but I declined. The dates didn't coincide with when I shave my legs.

Nancy said...

Maddy: Me either .... I don't recall the last time I went to the auto show.

Teri: I noticed, but those were the only cars THEY chose to be in ... hummm.

Joan:BWAHAHAHAHAHAH! Shave? We are supposed to shave legs in the winter?

margb331 said...

You didn't highlight MTK's contributions to the show?? (geez...and you should print the models for his "wallet girlfriend photo"!

Michael said...

Hey, what about plugging the GM cars???? My personal fave: The Cadillac CTS coupe.

sgk213 said...

This week was for journalists and president wannabes. Friday is the Black Tie Event and the show opens to the public on Saturday. How about the car of the year pictured.
A General Motors 2008 Malibu. Where is your GM spirit Nancy????

Nancy said...

GM Fans: Indeed I drive a GM BUT the only available photos on line to swipe with the Prez wannabe's were those.

The other cars ... GM has to do something to come up better when I google for photos!

Sheila...can I go to the Black Tie event with you?

Mary Alice said...

I wonder what all the candidates drive?

Audubon Ron said...

Nancy, is that you, the model on the right?

San said...

What do you mean Hillary didn't show up at the auto show? Isn't that her in the last picture on the right?

Michael said...

I just read Hillary didn't even come to the state of Michigan for the election. She didn't want to further piss off her party because she left her name on the ballot.

Beth said...

oooh! I am liking that Ford concept car. cool!!! Mitt? meh...not so much....

Mrs. G. said...

I want a hybrid and a pair of legs like the model on the right.

delmer said...

That last photo ... they look like they might be a little high maintenance. I prefer something with a few more miles -- they may not be as shiny but they are more interesting to drive and typically more reliable.

And, I think, those last three are concept models -- you know, something that exists in the designer's mind but rarely makes into production.

And they certainly don't exist at all after reproduction.

(Work with me on that last one gals. I don't mean it, but I couldn't help typing it.)