Monday, February 26, 2007

Quinnie The Pooh

Quinn will be ten this May. He was 2 lbs and fit in the palm of my hand when I brought him home.

I originally got him for my kids, but Bryan wanting a bull dog at the time, took one look at this fluffy Bichon Frise and proclaimed he was a sorry excuse for a dog. Caitlin looked at him as a dress up toy. It wasn't long before both kids loved him and he became part of our family.

Since I was the one to feed, groom, and clean up poop after this little guy, he became quite attached to me. In the ten years we've had him, he hasn't been away from me for very long. With age, separation from me becomes harder for him. I think more so because Bryan has moved out and Caitlin is out of the house more than home. My being in Florida the past five days was hard on him. Caitlin said he was so depressed, not the yapping, demanding, feisty, pest he usually is. When I walk in the door, he is always barking and demanding my attention with arrogance ... how dare I leave him. As I came through the door today, he had that sad puppy eyed look, no barking ... an almost drug induced state of sadness. I picked him up and he just looked at me like an abandoned child. He has followed me around all night, still not barking, just making sure I wasn't going to leave again. Finally, he curled up and fell asleep in this chair next to me. I am afraid to get up to go the bathroom!


sandi said...

Awww....sweet Quinnie.

Michael said...

Funny, Shelby didn't have the same reaction when we were in Florida...I think Aunt Sandi spoiled her too much while we were gone :)