Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's Better on Apples

When I moved into this house, I thought I would be selling it this year. Nope, nadda, ain't gonna happen. Michigan is right up there, top of the list, cream of the crop when it comes to foreclosures.

I concede, I am here for a couple more years.

My house is brick and vinyl. The woman I bought it from, had just painted the shutters, front door, and garage door before she listed it.

Her fresh, new paint choice ... ghetto green. Sorry, that's what I call it because if you cruise through the 'hoods of Detroit, that is the main color on most houses.

Exhibit A

I have ignored it for five years. Now that I know I am here for a while, I had to change it. I picked out a fawnishy medium brownish color that picked up the brown tones in my brick. My painter pointed out to me that the accent color should connect more with the roof color, for curb appeal. I winced and noted the roof is brown with more red tones. My brick is dark tan with brown tones. She gave me the "Hey, it's your house" look, but the body language said, "It's gonna look funny." So I went with her suggestion.

When I got home from work, she had the whole job done. Shutters, front door, garage door, back door, and side entrance door to garage. She was gone. I stood in my driveway dumbfounded. My neighbor came out. He said, "Wow, she did a great job."

I gave him the look and said, "Did a great job" is the same as someone looking at a homely kid and saying "Such perfect French braids." You are stretching to compliment on something positive.

It went from ghetto green to baby-sh*t brown.

We stared at it and decided it did match the roof, perfectly. Then he pointed out it's more of a caramel color.
Yeah, that's it. ::: still trying to convince myself :::

I can live with caramel, but probably just until spring.


Jami said...

It's an improvement. (Keep telling yourself that.)

Michael said...

Have you seen my aqua bedroom? I know EXACTLY what you're going through!!!!

Joan said...

I like it better than green.

Jessie said...

At least you don't look like you belong down at the Ga Dome anymore. *grins*

Sunshine said...

I would have gone with a much darker brown to contrast with your siding. But like you said, you can live with it until spring. LOL!

sgk213 said...

I agree with Sunshine. Hopefully it sells fast. LOL

Pink said...



your first mistake was not just going with pink ;)

it'll grow on you...or look for a paint sale.

Biddy said...

caramel baby shit is sooooo much better than ghetto green baby shit...

i'm just sayin..

Twisted Cinderella said...

It isn't a great color but I would be able to live with it until it sells.

Beth said...

ya, go with sounds so much better than Baby Shit I want something a caramel apple or something...

Oh, The Joys said...

Let's call it "camel".

(But not camel toe.)