Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Definition of a Cluster F*ck:

Saturday: Phone dies, no service, go to Ver*zon, they say it's a bad phone, plays with it for a few minutes, gets service. They don't have mine in stock so they will order new replacement, but Monday is a holiday, so it will go through Tuesday, ship Wednesday, receive Thursday ... at my work address.
Saturday night: No service
Sunday: Go back to Ver*zon, it is working again.
Sunday night: No service :::Light Bulb Brain::: ... I drive to Ver*zon parking lot, yes, service is on.They have a frickin tower in their building.
Monday: Labor Day, no service ... I thought they were closed (found out later they weren't)
Tuesday: 9:00 AM Waiting at door for them to open.
Tuesday: 9:01 AM I explain, through gritted teeth, two weeks ago I disconnected my home phone, I must have a phone. They put in an order to ship overnight, guaranteeing delivery by Wednesday 10:30 AM.
Wednesday: 12:30 PM, no phone, call Ver*zon, verify it was shipped, get FedEx tracking number.
Wednesday: 12:31 PM, call FedEx, verify they tried to deliver item, no one was home. HOME?????

Wednesday: 12:32 PM, called Ver*zon, oops, they didn't request overnight phone to go to work address.
Verified that the Thursday phone (first one ordered Tuesday) would go to work address by 10:30 AM.
Thursday: 11:00 AM, no Phone
Thursday: 11:01 AM, (biting tongue) Call Ver*zon, get tracking number.
Thursday: 11:02 AM, call FedEx, verify attempt was once again made to HOME ADDRESS.
Thursday: 11:03 AM, poor FedEx lady, heard foreign noises coming through my gritted teeth while biting tongue. Thankfully, she called the driver, explained I was less than a mile away from the home address, and he brought it to me.

I have never had a problem with Ver*zon before, no horror stories, no bill problems, no bad phones ... so I think all of the above is one cluster f*ck of six years of my loyalty to them, served to me at once.

Came home tonight, hot water heater completely broken ... you would not believe what happened next.
I'll continue tomorrow ... oh yeah, it beats out Ver*zon!


Joan said...

You've got me tuned in for more. Sorry all this has happened to you.

Nancy said...

Joan: As frustrating as it sounds, I DO laugh at these kinds of things ... I used to let it get me all PO'd, now I figure it's just life. But it sure can make for a tangled day.

Pink said...


Michael said...

I've never had a problem with Verizon. Sprint on the other hand....I could tell you nightmare stories about them. Actually, so could my mom. She's had her Sprint phone for years and every month the bill is wrong.

mjd said...

I am suspicious about Verizon. My husband and I bought phones at the same time. His works great mine not so good. We can be at the same spot; his reception is fine mine non-existent. They say my software needs to be updated; his software never needs updated.