Wednesday, September 5, 2007

How Nice ...

Biddy at Biddy's World passed along the "Nice Matters" award to some pretty nice people ... and she included me. Awe, thanks Biddy ... that was nice of you. Somehow I see rainbows, puppies, and gumdrops right now but at other times ...

Biddy, you should really spend time with me when I am driving behind some 'ole blue hair in 5 O'clock traffic. You should be over my shoulder when I am trying to unscrew a jar of Alfredo sauce. Block you ears when I throw in a load of clothes at 11:30 PM because I have nothing to wear to work the next day, and find out I have no laundry soap. Don't even say a word if you witness me trying to do home repairs because I am too bull-headed to ask for help.

Eh, the older I get, the more I am able to recoup in a shorter amount of time and realize nice matters, and it is easier on myself and others to put being nice first. I try to save my not-so-nice times for when there are no witnesses. Eating humble pie isn't as tasty as gumdrops.

Not to discount the award, I love it and now I shall pass it on to some other nice people.

There may have been a certain post you wrote, a comment you left, or just a feel good feeling you sent out. For that, thank you and here is a "Nice Matters Award"

Dixie at Deep Fried-Southern Style

Sher at Wiping the Crazy Off My Face

Lori at This Just In

Lori, by the way, has gone above and beyond being nice,
check out her other site Toys For Troops

I could list many more (my blogroll to be exact) but some have already received it.


Dixie said...

It's no wonder you were given this award! You are a sweetie!

Now the question is, why did you give it to me?? Did you read the post about me kicking a lady in the crotch?

Dixie said...

See what I mean? I didn't even thank you!

What an ass. Me, not you.

I'll shut up now.

Thank you!

Nancy said...

LOL ... that's JUST what I like about you Dixie!

Jen M. said...

I love your blog and I'm glad you got some bling for it!

Biddy said...

between the road rage, alfredo sauce and laundry, you sound just like me! Biddy isn't exactly nice...that's why i was shocked that i got the award TWICE!

Sher said...

Awwww. How sweet of you to bestow upon me this great honor! No one ever calls me nice. Maybe I should give some thought as to why that is, huh?

Love that you are by my blog so often. I sure do appreciate you1

captain corky said...

Congrats on the award Nancy! I think you're very nice, but you should just run the 'ole blue haired hag off the road next time. Screw her. ;)