Thursday, September 27, 2007

Makes me go hummm....

Taken from past LA Jury public records:

Case #1:

"An LA jury on Wednesday cleared pharmaceutical company Merck & Co. of liability in the case of an elderly man who claimed his heart ailments were caused by the drug maker's once-popular painkiller Vioxx.

"We didn't feel that a case was ever made that there is a connection between Vioxx and heart attacks," said jury foreman.

Jurors, however, agreed that there were potential risks for users taking Vioxx based on scientific studies.

"The drug maker faces more than 16,000 lawsuits involving Vioxx, which was pulled from the market in 2004 after a study found that it increased the risk of heart attacks."

Case #2:

"LA Jury convicts three police officers. The officers on trial in this case are accused of a variety of offenses, from planting a gun on one reputed gang member to conspiring to falsely arrest two other gang members for allegedly assaulting them. It is, in the view of prosecutors, just the tip of the iceberg. They believe that many more Los Angeles Police Departments -- Police Department officers working out of the department's now-defunct CRASH unit, which was a special anti-crime, anti-drug unit. It is believed that many officers there may have engaged in similar activity. Thus far, more than 100 convictions have been overturned because of this corruption probe. Some 70 police officers are under investigation."

Case #1 ... Vioxx has been pulled, the guy was looking for his med bills to be paid ... Nope not gonna happen per the jury.

Case #2 ... Waste of taxpayers money, cops trying to fight crime and drugs on the street, quite frankly, if the special unit did plant a gun to make an arrest of a drug pushing gang member, so be it. What? You don't think the FBI or CIA use questionable tactics? They just aren't judged by a jury.

And then we have LA's Jury decisions in murder trials:

Mr Not Guilty & Mr Not Sure


Jami said...

Sometimes. I. Just. Want. To. SCREAM!

(OK - just a little stress relief.)

delmer said...

Looks like Phil could use some conditioner.

Michael said...

Should I know who the freaky afro guy is?

Linda and her Surroundings said...

What a rather unfortunate hair style...I think that appears to be the real crime here!

Nancy said...

Michael: Phil Spector ... google him ... big time music producer, umm, yeah from my days, BUT I bet you have heard MANY of the people he produced .. Ike & Tina Turner, John Lennon, George Harrison, Ben E King, Ramones, Righteous Bros., Ronettes .... Big song he co-wrote ... "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" ... I suppose that may have been his thought when the gun was fired *wink*

Carrie said...

Phil & O.J. Hmmm, I guess sometimes juries must be so overwhelmed by the psycho babble bologna that is thrown up all over them during the court proceedings and thus rendering them unable to make a sane decision in the end. Or something like that. Right?!

p.s. love your tag line for your blog!