Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blog Bling

Com'on, we all like it. Admit it, there is a little bit of Sally Field in all us bloggers.

"You like me, you really like me."

Sunshine (Sonia), at ... and the pursuit of happiness, has bestowed her original, catch phrase award on me, (and well a boat load of others, but for now this is all about me ok?)

Sonia loves using the phrase "Cat's Ass" and as she says, it indeed works for so many situations. Per (or should I say "purrrr") her Urban Dictionary, cats ass means:

The very best. The finest. The epitome. Most excellent. Absolutely, without a doubt, for sure, unbeatable, "can't be licked". The best, the bomb. In reference to something more excellent than a cat's meow.

Now her button could have looked like this:

Or purrrrhaps this one:

Thankfully, hers has the cute factor, this will look just fine on my site:

Thanks Sunshine ... and if anyone else wants to get her Cats Ass bling, go walk between the pages of her posts, claw at the links to some of her fabulous other sites on her side bar, slink in and out of her comment section leaving your paw prints ... just don't leave any hairballs!


captain corky said...

I love Sally Field. She looks really hot in a habit. ;)

Sunshine said...

You truly deserve every nuance the Cat's Ass award implies. I'm glad it's cute enough for ya, I'm trying to make the internet a cuter place!

Jen M. said...

You are the cat's ass! And who knew Sally Field ever had such buff arms??

Nancy said...

Corky: Sister Mary Bertrille, lol

Sun: Thanks again =)

Jen M: I think she still does! BTW congrats on the celebrity contest, and you are waaaaaay nicer than your look-a-like.