Saturday, September 8, 2007

My Cluster F*ck Part Two

Thursday Late Afternoon : So, cluster f*ck cell phone is resolved.

Thursday PM : My hot water tank finally said enough is enough. I called around and of course nobody would be able to come out right away, most were saying not until this Saturday.

I called Lowe's, ya know, they advertise same day installation. The salesman took all my info, quoted me a price (higher than the others I got, but not by much) and said sure, we can get someone out tonight. I gave him my charge card number and we were good to go. Well worth the extra bucks to get it handled right away. So I wait, and wait, and watch the sun go down. Just after sunset, I get a call from a woman, acknowledging my purchase from Lowe's and wanting to schedule delivery and installation. Hu? What?

I explain to her that I was promised installation today. Silence on the other end. I told her I was going to call my salesman back and then get back with her. Salesman assured me there was a misunderstanding because they have a contract with the installers that guarantees same day service. A few minutes later I get a call back from the same woman, saying someone was on their way. Ugh, I bet I just PO'd someone off. Do I really want him installing this late? By contractual force?

He shows up ... rather nice guy too. No 'tude, whew! So we go downstairs and he points out the things he needs to do to bring it up to code. WTF? This house isn't old enough to be out of code. But indeed, the codes have changed since 2001.

OK, so and additional $260.00 to bring up to code and what's this? He is reading the order faxed to him from Lowe's, they didn't add the permit ... another $45.00. That brings your total to $939.00 lady.

I will take cold showers before I pay that much for a hot water heater. No way, a standard 40 gallon tank?

So I tell the guy, it's not going to happen. He said if I had called his company direct, he could have saved me some money. I said, well I am not taking this one and tomorrow I plan on calling around again. I will call your place, just so Lowe's doesn't think your intent was to take this job. He gave me a quote right there on the spot, everything included, in writing, for $550.00. What a big racket mark-up Lowe's has.

I called Lowe's back and explained I wasn't no way in hell prepared to pay the extra, non disclosed fees and they said, no problem, they'd credit my card back.

I have cold water. He will be here before noon on Saturday. For a $389.00 savings, I can take fast cold showers.


Lucy said...

You're lucky the hot water tank didn't go KAPUT in the winter. Trust me, this is best time of year to have it fail on you. Consider yourself lucky.

Thanks for stopping by Nancy. I would love to hear your input on the topics I posted about, especially since you're from Michigan. Be sure to read the post I emailed you about: All Inhibitions Out The Window: Part 2

mjd said...

Hmmm, that does sound like a royal screw. You were wise at cancelling the Lowe's contract. I am not always that wise.

Michael said...

I was kind of laughing through your story until I realized I could just as easily remove "cell phone" and "hot water heater" and replace them with "computer" and "garage door". And then I remembered how much I wasn't laughing last week. Good luck!

Sunshine said...

Sticking to your guns....very good!
We have purchased one appliance from Lowe's (because it was about $200 cheaper than other place I could have bought it) and then have our mister fix-it guy who does everything around our house put it in.
I'll be happy to send him your way, he's cheap!

Crystal said...

ugh, I have had Lowe's do a couple installations for us because i don't know any reliable "fix-it" guys. I know I am paying a mark-up but to actually see how much they were trying to make is a little sickening. hope you get to take a nice warm shower today!!!

Beth said...

aw man, they got you. I HATE that!!! I HATE when they say, ya, we;ll be right out and do whatever...then they give you this long list of OTHER stuff that needs to be done was fine before...why not now?

I hate to be taken advantage of.

Terri said...

wow I'm sorry; my hubby could have run up to Lowe's or Home Depot and installed it for you! He did ours just a few years ago.

Mary Alice said...

I recently told my son he should consider a career as either an auto mechanic or an orthodontist, they both seem to have me holding my ankles lately....I mean.... they both seem to be lucrative careers. Perhaps I'll add plumber to that list. BTW your blog is SO purdEE...I want a purdee blog too.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

sounds like a bait and switch sort of thing to me...urgh! I'd be screaming mad!

Joan said...

Hope it is all taken care of now. I hate having home and car repairs done. I always feel ripped off. Sears came to fix our oven. Gave us a $700 quote. No way. The oven wasn't very great when it was new. My husband researched it and fixed it with a $50 part. Good luck.

Oh, The Joys said...

Well... at least you have a great looking new design, eh?