Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tai Chi Chuan

Martial arts by way of Yoga moves?

I'm still not sure what I just signed up for.

"Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese form of martial art/exercise that anyone can learn regardless of age or physical condition. It is based on martial art movements that are linked together like a dance routine."

Sounds interesting even though I can't even master the "Hustle."

The class description gears towards greater focus, especially for ADHD, improved balance, flexibility, breathing, sleeping, blood pressure, digestion, and a stress reducer. Helps to increase bone density in post menopausal women.

I'm just hoping it will be a motivator to try and tone my jibbling flibbels and calm all the ruckus rolling around in my noodle.

For the next 14 weeks my friend Linda and I will be meeting on Thursday nights to accomplish all of the above. I think. I tend to be a class clown, and that is one of the biggest reasons I have never taken-up my sister's invitation to try Yoga with her.

I didn't ask if this is a mixed class, men and women. That would be nice. Unless there were those moves where you have to hold your butt cheeks together tight to suppress a fart. It would not be a good visual for the person standing behind me, and a real bummer for me if it was a good looking man.

Maybe it'll be a classroom of women like the chicks in "Calendar Girls".

It sure would be nice if the instructor looked like this ...

To be continued after the first class.


Linda and her Surroundings said...

I did yoga a few times and fell asleep on the mat with my mouth wide open (twice). It was most unattractive and I found the whole relaxing aspect difficult in a room full of people. The only place I really relax is in front of the television whilst lying on my couch! And since you mentioned the word "fart" in your blog I can tell you that yoga relaxing and fart restraining are two contradictory moves and bound to cause problems...if you know what I mean.

Nancy said...

Linda: "contradictory moves" ... yep I see that in my future. I am not sure I can relax, when I am relaxed I fall asleep ... and have been known to drool.

Sunshine said...

It would be easier if we lived by each other to do this torture together, huh?

Nancy said...

Sunshine: Of course, misery always loves company. Actually, this looks like it may be harder on me mentally than physically... I am so hyper.

Casdok said...

Good luck!!
And hope your teacher is hunky, that would keep you awake!

Jen M. said...

Oh, LOVE the high-waisted jeans in the Hustle shot. And I really did like Calendar Girls!

Audubon Ron said...

The top photo looks like the northern Cal coast line, which is the other spot I'd live if I could figure a way.

Joan said...

please keep us updated on your progress

Joeprah said...

How would he get the waves into the class? If that happened shoot, that would be worth seeing, even I did look like a zombie performing the opening moves.