Friday, August 17, 2007

13th Annual Woodward Dream Cruise

This Saturday, August 18, 2007, is the official day of the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Every year, people start coming into town from all over the world, yes world,to attend the world’s largest one-day celebration of car culture. The event attracts more than 1 million visitors and more than 40,000 muscle cars, street rods, custom, and simply bad-a** cars!

The cruising of Woodward usually starts a week before, just because everyone is so geeked up about it, they can't wait. Every night this week, people line Woodward with lawn chairs, coolers, dogs, kids, and cameras ... just to watch the cars go by. Saturday, you better be out there before the sun comes up if you want a good spot to flop and gawk all day.

The sixteen mile stretch runs from Ferndale to Pontiac, in O
akland County MI. "Thee place to be" is right around 13 mile road, the original corner where there has always been a huge shopping plaza. When they aren't cruising, cars are parked, continuously polished on, and hood open with the beaming owner just waiting for you to ask questions about it.

In the past couple years, I stay away from Woodward, but go to my favorite, downtown Royal Oak, and find a seat at an outdoor establishment on Main Street. Sitting there sipping margaritas, watching the Woodward cruise overflow drive by is really more enjoyable. They all end up cruising Main Street at one point, so I don't feel I miss a thing. Well, except maybe standing in the blistering sun ... or rain, no bathrooms around, and long lines to get into a bar or restaurant.

Two guys I work with have Pontiac GTO's. Paul has a 1968 and Jack has a 1967. Paul also has an orange 1969 GTO, the original one used in the movie "Striptease" with Demi Moore. Believe me, the car is way more impressive than the movie. Paul restored both his GTO's to show quality and has a garage just for the cars and their many trophy's.

The only thing I don't like about the cruise?

The "classic" 1972 Pontiac LeMans ... as it drives by, I hear the ohhh's and ahhhh's on what a cool classic car it is. That was my first car. In 1972 I bought a brand new copper Lemans with white leather interior, white Landau roof. I thought I was such a bad-a** ... the
ohhh's and ahhhh's remind me I am just an old-a** !

:::Bonus Round:::

I just got to work and Paul happened to drive this in today:

(click picture for awesome close up)


Terri said...

I can't wait! I get so geeked about these cars. You're smart to watch from off the main drag!

Joan said...

The LeMans sounds better than my first car - a silver, spanking new Ford Pinto - the last year they made them.

Michael said...

Paul's car is really cool!

captain corky said...

I love sitting around and sipping on Margaritas. I don't care what the reason is.

Have a good time on Saturday.

Dixie said...

I love muscle cars! Love them!!

Beth said...

oh crap...that is a GREAT caR!!!! I can't show that to my kid....

Lawyer Mama said...

I'm not even a car person & I think that's pretty cool!

Jen M. said...

Same here! Not much of a car person (perhaps when my kids stop crushing goldfish crackers in mine) - but I was totally intrigued! And your first car? wayyy cooler than mine (1976 Dodge Dart)