Monday, August 6, 2007

Crossing Fingers

Monday morning, so far so good!

After last weeks posts this week has got to be better.

Let's see: I got a call from Dr.Va-Jay-Jay's office, everything is fine. Huh???? So last week, they "needed another look" and now everything is fine? I think that translates to lab tech dropped the slide, sneezed on it, or it got lost.

I unplugged the refrigerator, called a repair guy, just because it would be cheaper than buying a new one right now. I moved it out to do the pre-repair-man-vacuuming, plugged it back in, set the controls for both freezer and refrigerator on the highest setting and va-walla, it went on! It is so loud you can't hear the TV, but it is running cool enough for the refrigerator part, not the freezer. He'll be out later today.

Quinn is doing much better. He hasn't adjusted to the cone-head thingy, but I think if I play a few SNL conehead episodes for him, he won't feel so self conscious.

He got his voice back and is determined to bite the staples out. He actually has taken a few steps on the repaired leg. His leg looks like a chicken drumstick.

Quinn's Leg or chicken leg?

Bryan started his physical therapy last week. He has been so bummed being off work during the busy construction season. He will be going three times a week for three weeks. He is in an ankle air cast that fits into his shoe as long as they aren't laced up. He's been able to move it to walk, but it won't go side to side yet. I am sure the therapy will have that moving soon.

And finally, Caitlin. Since she started working at her salon, she has had five different highlights, colors, shades and cuts ... and this is her latest. Actually I like the color, on her, and I may have her cut mine like that.


Biddy said...

LOVE the hair...

and i'll never look at a drumstick the same way again!

Robin said...

So glad things are looking better this week. Caitlin is so pretty!

Dixie said...

Quinn's leg does look like a drumstick with the thigh attatched. All he's missing is the gravy.

Love Caitlin's hair! Makes her eyes stand out.

Jami said...

I'm guessing it's Quinn's leg because it's not crispy? Oh, and the fur. (Chickens don't have fur, do they?)

Caitlin's hair is gorgeous! Of course it helps when the hair lives next door to a gorgeous face, but it's really a great color and everything!

Joan said...

I agree - I think her eyes are more noticeable with darker hair. Glad things are looking better for you. Along the same lines of what's been happening with you: We barely got home, thoughts of paying off all the vacation expenses were filling my head and our upstairs a/c fried out. It was okay at first but now it's in the high 90's plus humidity. The house is 10 years old and we've had that a/c unit worked on so much and milked our warranty for what's it's worth. I think it was crappy to begin with. 'Looks like we will be getting a new one. Yikes!

Michael said...

Love Cait's hair! You'd look great with that cut too.

Glad Quinn and Bryan are doing well. Things are already looking up!

sgk213 said...

Oh my God, Caitlins hair looks awesome. She was meant to be a brunette. Her eyes look so beautiful with that hair color.
As for poor Quinn, I'm hoping his fur grows back really really Fast.
EWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! Hope he is back on all fours real quick..

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Caitlin's hair looks amazing! That color makes her eyes pop!

Sweet little Quinn is a real trooper.