Thursday, August 16, 2007


For starters, he would probably say:
"Why didn't you wear waterproof mascara?"

This was last night at Stoney Creek Metro-Park

Rockin' Band

Picnics on the lawn

Friends and families, well over a thousand

362 blue t-shirts

362 people ... getting Baptized

One of 362

Thank you Debbie and Bea for being there.

Debi? Um ... where's our picture together?
We'll have to take one at the TIGERS GAMES
Thursday AND Saturday!


Dixie said...


Mary Alice said...

That is wonderful. Where are your kidlets? Did they come? Or are they shy of such things still?

Biddy said...

ohhhhhhh congratulations, friend! i remember every detail of my baptism (5 years ago) and how wonderful i felt coming up out of that water!

crap..i'm crying now!! congrats again!

Joan said...

Congratulations. A full immersion Baptism would be a relief to this heat and to my soul.

Terri said...

362 people??? way cool!

Michael said...

Wow, what a cool experience indeed!

Nancy said...

Biddy: It really was a wonderful time.
Joan: Yes, the water was nice ... I like what you said " a relief to this heat and to my soul"

Teri: and organized to boot! go figure! lol

Michael:I had never even seen this, so it was even more special to be participating!

Tiff said...

Wow! Good for you!

Sunshine said...

I got baptized in a river when I was 12. I really really liked that I chose to do it and that it wasn't "boring", like in the bathtub thing in the front of the sanctuary.

Nancy said...

Sunshine: Yeah, that bathtub thing doesn't resonate with me.

I like your operative words "I chose" ... I think that was the key for me in getting Baptized... at 52 years old. I made a choice rather than having it be a routine thing my parents made me do no matter what I thought about the whole idea.