Friday, August 10, 2007

Good-bye Granny

Granny, you've been such a *V.I.P.
No **V.P.L. for anyone to see.

But Victoria's here, to be my hip hugger,
You had to go, replaced by another.

New bright colors I brought from the store,
To replace your dull beige stashed away in my drawer.

So off you go, out to the trash,
Making room in here for my new stash.

Granny it's time, you've done no wrong,
Maybe you'll recycle, return as a thong.

* Very Important Pantie
** Visible Pantie Line


Dixie said...

You crack me up!

I hate granny panties.

Nancy said...

Dixie: lol, I hate grannies too, but I hate even more, fat asses that wear bikini's or thongs that show through pants or skirts. Pantie lines should never show. I hope you are feeling better =)

Robin said...

You're a riot.

I'm a hip hugger girl myself.

captain corky said...

LOL! The last line is hilarious.

Biddy said...

tee hee hee

victoria is my homegirl

welcome to the cool panty club!

Jami said...

Now I'm trying to decide which has a higher "EEEeewwwwww factor": huge fat asses with VT(thong)L or huge fat assses with no VPL at all because that usually means no panties at all.

(Vickie's got some nice panties!)

Nancy said...

Robin: Yeah, hip huggers are my thing too.

Corky: all in jest, hee-hee-heee

Biddy: Indeed, mine have always been VS, just some rode around the waist instead of the hips =) I just couldn't wear strings when they made better floss, lol

Nancy said...

Jami: You get my point, lol
"cept, I didn't get VPL with panties that were higher ... proof I had a fat ass!

PS. NO panties usually show cellulite pucker ... thats a HUGER EEEEEwwwwwwwwww factor!

Joan said...

Funny, I love to replace my underwear on a regular basis. Congrats again on your weight loss.

Kevin Charnas said...

sounds like some smelly times know, in the crack and all...

Michael said...

I didn't know you were so poetic.

Palm Springs Savant said...

visible panty line...thats funny!