Sunday, July 29, 2007

Am I Being Tested?

Since Michigan looks bleak, my goal has been to financially prepare myself for the unexpected. Keeping the ducks in line to make sure I don't go into panic mode if the bottom of my little world drops.

I have put off my annual dentist cleaning and exam.
I don't use a cleaning lady anymore.
I canceled my membership at LifeTime fitness.
I have the lawn guy come every-other week to mow the hay.
I quit getting acrylic nails.
Thank God Caitlin can cut and color my hair or I would have long dingy hair right now.

I have been debt free and want to remain that way.(except a mortgage)

With the expected changes coming at work, (if we even remain open) the loss of health insurance within a month, and the NO SALE of this house (which means a refinance and increase of $300 on a house payment)... I now have had an new dilemma.

Remember a couple months ago when Quinn hurt his leg? He is still a little tripod.
I had him examined again yesterday. If he was going to heal on his own, it would have by now.
Quinn is in pain.

He has a ruptured cruciate ligament in his left rear knee. With surgery, this can be corrected and after healing he'd be pain free and able to walk on all four.

When people talked of "saving" their pets, I used to think, "euthanasia is a lot cheaper than medical procedures."

It isn't from being too old or anything he brought on himself. He's like a third kid.

His surgery is scheduled for this Wednesday, 8AM
If you have a family pet ... you "get it" ... wish him luck =)

P.S. Ed? Ed McMahon???? You are cordially welcomed to come knocking at my front door with balloons and camera crew 'cuz ya know, I may already be a winner!


sgk213 said...

Oh poor Quinn has suffered long enough with this. I'm glad you are getting him all fixed up and like brand new. He will Thank you for this operation once he is off running again!! Good Luck Quinn. Let us know how he does.

Robin said...

I hope Quinn has a quick and easy recovery, and that that is the start of a much brighter looking time for you.

Anonymous said...

How much do you save not having a security system for the house, times how many years. A dog is the best burglar alarm nature has to offer. I don't know if you have security system or not. If you don't then even with the operation you're way ahead.

Give the mutt a pat from me.

San said...

That is a really cute picture of Caitlin and Quinn. Sending good vibes for Quinn's speedy recovery.

Michael said...

Awwwwe...poor Quinn. Even in the midst of this financial turmoil, you will be glad you spent the money. Can't wait to hear when Quinn's back in tip-top shape!

I know you're the queen of flossing, but when you say you put off your dental cleaning and exam, I suddenly had mental images of fuzzy snaggle teeth. Maybe that's one thing not to skip on. :o)

Jessie said...

Poor Quinn! But you're being all good owner and getting him better. Can your vet do installment plans? I know that the one I used to work at did. People would pay like 50 dollars a week on a 1-2k bill. Sometimes more if they could. If you're worried about your job, that might be an option.

I hope he comes out okay! You'll have to update and let the viewing audience know. Poor little tripod. But he'll be better soon and you'll be back to realizing he'll get you through everything. *hugs*

Noelle hasn't had her 2006 shots because every time I've had the money, something else has come up. But she'll get it as soon as my mom gives the money she owes. Sometimes you gotta take better care of the little ones that depend on you.

*pats his little head*

Nancy said...

Michael: I used to work for a DDS remember? I have all my scalers and chit. Every time I have gone in the past, she tells me they are fine and feels bad charging because they really don't need cleaning ... that's the only reason I skipped out. I will fit it in before the end of the year though :::smiles, BIG:::

Everyone: Thanks for the good wishes, I'll post a pic post-op ... I am sure he will be in a cone to match his designer leg bandages.

Biddy said...

isn't it amazing what we will do for our pets??? our yorkie did the same thing to her back right leg. she had the surgery, got all better, and 2 months later did it to the other leg. because she insisted on jumping off my parents' giant bed instead of using the steps they got just for her...

lis said...

Having pets and keeping them healthy ''Priceless''!!
Good thot's, wish's and energies your way, all will be well and work out ok!
We're all survivor's!

Nancy said...

lis: Thank you =) ... yep, priceless.

captain corky said...

Hang in there Nancy, and remeber that Corky's log is still free for a limited amount of time! ;)

Nancy said...

Corky: lol, whew, there is ONE good thing happening =)

Mary Alice said...

I understand completely. I hope your pup is better soon - my Corgi is suffering from a scratched cornea now and I too am facing vet bills that I was not expecting...but we love them.. so we take care of those little happy joy makers!

Marye said...

I do understand...Once spent 2,000. that we didn't have to fix the leg on a dog that we got out of a dumpster. :/

Jami said...

Been there, done that, got to watch the surgery! Our chow (a stray like all our pups) went on to live another five years to the ripe old age of 14.

Give Quinn a hug from me!

Joan said...

Poor thing both you and Quinn. The times we had to put our pets down it was a no brainer. I totally understand about surgery. Good luck and keep us updated.

Dixie said...

Poor Quinn!

He's lucky to have you!