Sunday, July 8, 2007


When Lori at This Just In, posted about this photo site, I decided to join and have fun with it. I sent a photo last week, another today. Professional photographs and candid shots have been submitted. All in fun, and some are amusingly interesting.

This week (and it's not to late to sign up and post your photo) the theme is energy. I posted this picture I took of the ugly electric pole behind my house. Somehow, with the rainbow, it didn't look quite as bad as it normally does.

(If you click on on, it looks better bigger)


Gnightgirl said...

Ah, I spotted your "communicate" photo right away! I took one, but never found time to upload it. I'll do "energy" for sure! I love this site!

captain corky said...

Great pic regardless of the pole Nancy!

Nancy said...

Lori: Thanks for the is link, I'm going to enjoy this.

Corky: *New Papa* ... thanks, I was really taking pics of the rainbow last week when I realized taking that pole would fill the topic of energy for this week.

Dixie said...

Cool photo!

Pink said...

Love the photo - I think blogging has developed a new passion for me - photography! Who knew?