Saturday, July 21, 2007

\m/ Rock On

Mood Swinging Mommy thinks I rock! Actually, I think she gave me this award because I am always lurking around her site Am I Going Mad or Am I Just a Mommy. Seriously, thank you, my first award!

Click on that first link for her 100 things post. #12 is a fun fact, #45 whoa, she's a smart cookie, #83 I like how adventurous she is.

I think I'll hold on to this award for a day and then I'll pass it along.


Michael said...

How'd you get to be so blog popular anyways?

Pink said...

you got so many academy award, emmies and BAFTAs that you gonna give away your award so soon?

Congrats you!

Biddy said...

nuh uh nuh uh! i tooootally nominated you first...thank you VERY much...

Nancy said...

Biddy: Oh no ... didn't catch that.
LOL, so sweet of you to nominate your blogroll =)