Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Proud to Be An American

Happy 4th of July. Although I have no picnic to attend, or fireworks to shoot off, or anything red, white and blue to wear, I celebrate today, because I am fortunate to be an American.

Caitlin and I have lazily enjoyed sleeping in then watched "Dream Girls". She trimmed my hair and we ate lunch while watching a stupid reality show. Quinn is excited we are home, and Bryan must be sleeping in because he hasn't answered his phone. *Maybe he partied late last night, or is parting through out today* I will call him tonight.

Freedom, to do nothing, in this household, on our day off, is a luxury many in other countries won't have today ... or even tomorrow. Wars, politics, hatred, famine, disease, power, unnecessary death, are the evils living in our world, but freedom, by the Grace of God, may she always win.

Two of my favorite posts I read today:
Sonia ~ Happy 4th!
Kevin ~ Liberty


captain corky said...

Happy 4th! Enjoy the rest of your day Nancy.

Nancy said...

Corky: Thank you .... and I hope you just posted that on your laptop from the hospital while waiting for Jr. to arrive *wink*

Kevin Charnas said...

"May she always win" is right!

Happy Independence Day to you, Nancy.

And thanks for the link-love. :)

Sunshine said...

Awww shucks, thanks for the love. I didn't do anything, it was the video! lol
Hope your 4th was nice and lazy!

Patience said...

Ah, the freedom to do nothing!! Which is exactly what I did yesterday! Horizontal, on the recliner, watching the history channel's docu on the American Revolution!

Dixie said...

Glad our 4th was filled with exactly what you wanted!