Friday, July 27, 2007

Blogher '07

Does anyone else feel like they should have accepted the invitation to the Par-taaaay conference? I feel like I passed on Prom, and now wish I went, even if I didn't have a date.

When I started my blog this past February, I saw the buzz about this "Blogher", but had no idea what it was about. I assumed it was for the click of "popular kids". I wasn't in that group in school, so I fit well into NOT being in it with this Blogher thing.

Everyone was talking about rooming with each other and participating in different events. I was clueless.

Duh, now I see so many of the women that are my daily reads are there. Some are even scheduled speakers. I certainly would have gone, had I thought about it more, just to meet some of these fabulous women.

This is the third annual conference ... I plan on going to the fourth.

Are you?


Anonymous said...

I can't say.

Jessie said...

I feel the same way. But I didn't get into using this account until recently, so I had no idea what BlogHer was, except a badly misspelled Blogger. Didn't even know there was a conference-y thing out there for bloggers. Probably can't go anytime soon (hey, Dragon*Con ain't cheap, even if you live here), but I'll pea green all the time.

Pink said...

err....blogher? I didn't even know about it. Where do you find out about these things?

Come on. Lets go next time!

Joan said...

I thought about it more last year and told my friend I wish I had gone. This summer has been a blur but I'd consider going next year.
I'm gearing up for my 24 hours of football fun in Ann Arbor Labor Day weekend.

Dixie said...

If they ever gave it in or near Atlanta, I may go. But I ain't traveling to go to one.

Mary Alice said...

It does sound fun. Maybe I will manage one sometime...probably not next year though. I have a child graduating and heading off in to the military and will have to go visit new neices or nephews...too many people in my life already....what a cross to bear, huh? I am blessed.

Gunfighter said...

So many of my regular readers have gone, I might as well have gone, too!